"Ustanak AND Ubistvo? Sounds like a killer combo, but you can handle it, right?"
— RE.NET description

Agents, Abductors, Chainsaws 2 (エージェントと捕縛者とチェーンソー2 Ējento to hobaku-sha to chēnsō 2?) was an online event for Resident Evil 6, hosted by RE.NET from 4–10 October 2013.


-The medals valid for this event are as follows:
Piloted the aircraft (Leon Chapter 4)
Provided Sherry and Jake backup (Leon Chapter 4)
Agreed to fight towards a common goal (Leon Chapter 4 / Chris Chapter 3)
Avoided the helicopter's attacks (Jake Chapter 4)
Lit the approaching B.O.W. on fire (Jake Chapter 4)
Defeated Ustanak with Leon and Helena (Jake Chapter 4)
Witnessed an airplane crash (Ada Chapter 3)
Saved Sherry from the attacking B.O.W. (Ada Chapter 3)

(Other medals or enemy kills are not used for this event)
- No difficulty setting limits.
- No single / multiplayer limits.


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