Agony is a piece of music composed for Resident Evil 4. It appears in the biohazard4 Original Soundtrack as track 23 of the "Darkness Side" disc.[1]

Music information

Agony was originally composed only for use in one of the flight-type Novistador fights, but it was later decided it would appear in fight where Leon is trapped in a cage with a Garrador. Though the track had a very sinister tone, the composers felt it would become irritating if played out too long.[excerpt 1]

In-game usage



  1. biohazard4 Soundtrack Book: "当初、 飛行型のNovistador用に書いていたのですが、 気分を煽る度合いが強いので、 突然檻にGarradorと一緒に入れられたり、 邪教徒にガトリング砲で蜂の巣にされかけたり 「俺なら転げ落ちて死ぬよ」 っていうスピードのトロッコに乗ってる時に鳴り出します。 ずっと聴いてるとイライラしてくる嫌な曲です。"
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