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The Air Dome Laboratory Incident (tentative) was a terrorist attack which took place at the Air Dome Laboratory outside the American city of Harvardville in Autumn 2005. It began with a bombing by Dr. Curtis Miller, resulting in the deadly t-Virus being released and infecting the research staff, followed by infecting himself with the G-Virus. The attack itself was later revealed to have been planned by Dr. Frederic Downing, a WP Corporation research head involved in bioweapons dealing. Downing intended to fake his death in the explosion and escape the country, planting evidence that local Senator Ron Davis was involved to throw-off any investigation. An impromptu investigation revealed he had orchestrated the attacks in front of cameras as a commercial for potential buyers, and he was subsequently found and arrested.


Ahead of the attack, Dr. Frederic Downing invited TerraSave member Claire Redfield to the Air Dome Laboratory as an apparent show of goodwill. The NGO had recently been in a dispute with the WP Corporation over photographs of t-Virus infected Indians and allegations of an exploitative and unethically fast human testing trials of a vaccine. It was later revealed by USSTRATCOM member Leon S. Kennedy that the WP Corporation was tasked secretly with responding to a bioterrorist attack with their experimental vaccine, meaning that the leaked photographs of Zombies were in fact victims of a bioterror attack by a radical cell of Grandé-loyalists and not the WP Corporation's trials.

Unaware to USSTRATCOM, Dr. Downing was, in fact, involved in the bioterrorist attack; having ordered the attack as a means of testing and advertising the effectiveness of the WP Corporation's vaccine and the G-Virus. Intending to fake his death and flee the country with viral samples, Downing planned out a bombing with Dr. Miller, a former TerraSave member who had been radicalized against WP Corporation and the United States government due to the cover-up surrounding the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident. Leaving Claire ahead of the attack under the guise of heading to the server room, he telephoned her from outside the building, claiming that a suspicious man had made his way through security and he had discovered an explosive in the building's laboratory. Claire took notice of Dr. Miller entering the rest area just before Downing severed the line to make it seem as if he had been attacked.

Dr. Miller's bomb detonated immediately after Downing's call. The explosion resulted in the laboratory's deadly virus samples being released, infecting the surviving research staff with the t-Virus. Among the uninfected was Claire, who had been invited as a witness to Miller's attack. USSTRATCOM member Leon S. Kennedy, who was assigned with the investigation of the recent Harvardville Airport Incident, moved into the laboratory to investigate. With him was Dr. Miller's sister, SRT operator Angela Miller. Dr. Miller was found to be alive, albeit injured in the explosion. A unit of Army Rangers entered the building with orders to apprehend Miller, but were killed when Miller mutated from a G-Virus infection. In order to defeat Miller, Claire activated the laboratory's self-destruct system, resulting in the G-creature falling into a fiery pit.

Apprehension of Dr. Downing[]

Almost immediately after Dr. Miller's death, it was discovered that the laboratory's security cameras had been instructed prior to record his mutation. Finding a nearby public telephone call severed, and outside noises matching those heard during the call, his involvement was immediately suspected. Downing's plan until this crucial evidence was found had largely worked; Congressman Davis was accused of plotting the attack as a means of securing Congressional support for the company and improving his stocks, which had been weakened by the India allegations. Beyond this, Downing's intended customer for the virus samples was successfully apprehended by FBI agents upon entering the country in Los Angeles and confirmed Downing's involvement. Knowing the precise location of the intended meeting, the Harvardville Police Department surrounded him in the mountains and he was arrested.


Dr. Curtis Miller[]

Dr. Curtis Miller had lost his wife and daughter during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, ultimately holding the government and Umbrella responsible in an alleged cover-up. He worked as a member of TerraSave for a time, a non-profit organization set up to provide aid to victims of bioterrorism. When the WP Corporation was accused of unethical human experimentation of a t-Virus vaccine trial in India, Curtis became more violent in his campaigning and was ultimately dismissed from the organization as a publicity hazard. Seeing the WP Corporation as following in the footsteps of Umbrella, he was radicalized by rogue the WP Corporation employee and viral arms dealer Dr. Frederic Downing and was provided with both the t-Virus and G-Virus, which he planned to use to discredit the corporation and destroy its laboratory.

Dr. Frederic Downing[]

Dr. Frederic Downing was the alias of an Umbrella researcher. Having fled the NEST with a stolen G-Virus sample, he changed his name to avoid the subsequent investigation of Umbrella U.S.A. by the United States government. Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the resulting War on Terror, former Umbrella employees began selling stolen bio-weapons and viral samples onto the black market. Having a senior position in the WP Corporation, Downing was able to secure a secret vaccine research agreement with the Pentagon and was provided samples of the t-Virus. Intent on later selling samples of the vaccine and virus on the black market, Downing orchestrated a bioterrorist attack in India and later the Harvardville Airport to demonstrate the vaccine's effectiveness to customers. The Air Dome Laboratory attack was intended to finally advertise his sample of the G-Virus, which he later decided was an improper product due to its uncontrollable mutations.


Following the arrest of Downing, the WP Corporation's stock collapsed and was purchased by TRICELL, Inc. TRICELL themselves had struck a viral research agreement with bioterrorist Dr. Albert Wesker and entered the bioweapons black market as a means of financing his research. The Air Dome Laboratory was quickly re-opened and TRICELL employees in hazmat suits successfully recovered parts of Dr. Miller's body, providing them with the G-Virus. To tie-up loose-ends, Senator Davis was also assassinated, having been considered a security risk. His computer hard-drive was then wiped to prevent any leaks of information.



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