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"Reporting live from Harvardville Airport. A protester demonstrating against WP Corporation attacked and supposedly killed a police officer. But now, that same officer has just attacked Senator Ron Davis' bodyguard in a similar manner. Eddie, why did you stop rolling?What...
「信じられない事態が起こっています。 ウィルファーマ社に抗議するデモ隊の1人が、 警官を襲撃しました! 現場に居合わせだデイビス上院議員のSPが助けに入ったのですが、 今度はその警官がSPを襲撃するという… エディー! ちょっと、 なんでやめるのよ?なぜ…」
— Final words

The Airport newswoman (tentative) was a reporter for PFBC news. She was killed during the Harvardville Airport incident.


Following the military quarantine of Raccoon City in 1998, this woman reported on developments from the other side of the Arklay Mountains, being unable to enter the restricted zone.[1] In 2005 this reporter and her cameraman Eddie travelled to Harvardville International Airport to interview Ron Davis, a United States Senator living in Harvardville. Senator Davis had reached headlines owing to his well-known shares in the WP Corporation, which had been linked to a t-Virus outbreak in India. She did not get her answers, however, but was able to report on the sudden Zombie attack on the airport police chief.

Degeneration - Airport newswoman 2

The unnamed reporter falls into view of Eddie's abandoned camera, suffering a neck wound.

After being abandoned by Eddie, the reporter was herself attacked by one of Davis' zombified bodyguards and passed out following a bite to her neck. She survived his attack long enough to complete her mutation into a Zombie, but was killed that night by soldiers of the 75th Ranger Regiment.



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