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Resident Evil (1996)

Although unplayable, Wesker appears as a zombie in the Battle Game of Resident Evil version for Sega Saturn.

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence

Wesker is unlockable character in Resident Evil: Deadly Silence "Multiplayer" mode. To unlock him, get a B rank in the Master of Knifing minigame. His description is "Master of Firearms".

Resident Evil (2002)

Although unplayable, Wesker serves as support character in Chris's scenario during the last fight againts Lisa Trevor. He's armed with his custom Samurai Edge.

Resident Evil CODE:Veronica

Wesker is a unlockable character in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica's Battle Game. His boss fight is Alexia Ashford in her first form. His load out is as follows:

Item List Unlocked by
RECV Battle Game Wesker
Clear Battle Game once with Chris.

Resident Evil 4

Wesker is a unlockable character in Resident Evil 4's The Mercenaries minigame. He has a major advantage over other characters such as Leon and Ada due to him having some of the most powerful melee attacks that will instantly kill the enemies from only one shot to stun them first.


Load-out Melee Unlocked by

Tn wesker
Health: 7 & 3/4 bars

  • Thrust Punch
  • Chikyo Chagi
Getting 4-Star at Stage 4

Melee moves

Position Name Damage Description
Head stun Thrust Punch Instant death An extremely fast and powerful attack, Wesker thrusts his arm forward and punches the enemy in the chest, sending them flying to an instant death.
Leg stun Chikyo Chagi Instant death (Depends) A very powerful attack, Wesker lifts his leg up above his head and brings it down on the enemy, instantly crushing their skull.

  • This move cannot be preformed on bosses such as the chainsaw sisters.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Wesker is a playable character in three scenarios: "Beginnings", "Rebirth", and "Dark Legacy". His handgun for the "Beginnings" and "Rebirth" scenarios is his own Samurai Edge 2. His handgun in "Dark Legacy" is the "Handgun w/ Silencer" which has a muffled gunshot.

His melee attack during the "Beginnings" scenario involves first pushing the zombie away then delivering a jumping roundhouse. His melee attack during the other scenarios he first kicks the zombie away then performs the thrust punch.

Resident Evil 5


Wesker is encountered a few times in Campaign mode and serves as the ending boss. When any of the fights are finished, the defeated count for him goes up in the Records section.

Monarch Room (12)

Wesker will be fought alongside brainwashed Jill Valentine in the Monarch Room at Chapter 5-3 end. Simply lure Wesker to the rooms in the northwest corner of the map, then run out of his sight. Whenever Wesker says: "You can't hide forever" or "Just accept you fate", this indicates that he has lost track of player. After finding a cover point close to Wesker's position, snap against a nearby wall, then jump out and shoot him with the best weapon available. After this, sprint away as soon as possible before Wesker can warp to your position and perform a rush attack. It is also possible to contextual counter his attacks by pressing the necessary buttons prompts. Once the player damages Wesker enough, this will cause him to curtail the meeting before the seven-minute deadline.[1] Once that Wesker to leave the area, the confrontation against Jill will begins.

Wesker Hangar fight strategy

Wesker will be fought by himself again in the Hangar at Chapter 6-3 penult phase. Like the previous battle, he is capable of dodging all attacks. The player must stay out of his sight in order to perform any attacks. If player gets too close to Wesker, he will perform a melee attack that must be dodged by pressing the necessary button prompts. His grab assault will drain health at an alarming rate. Wesker will also try to fire his gun which will stun and heavily damage the player at the same time.

First, the player must to run the three control panels on the lower lever to disable the floodlights above. A fourth panel in the northwest corner will be found broken, though the player can collect the RPG-7 NVS after smashing the glass panel not far from it.[2]

Wesker Hangar fight strategy2

Run out of Wesker's sight before firing the RPG-7 NVS right at him. Once the player can get a clear view of Wesker back, fire the rocket which he will catch it. Quickly drop the RPG-7 NVS and shoot the rocket before Wesker can bring the explosive under control. Once Wesker is briefly stunned, the player must press the necessary button prompts rapidly to restrain the boss while the other attempts to inject him with the PG67A/W. During the first attempt, Wesker will avoid this and throw Chris on the ground. In general, the player must use the same strategy in order to defeat Wesker.

Wesker's assault bomber (7)

Once the player has successfully beaten Wesker, a cutscene will play showing him board an aircraft with Chris and Sheva in pursuit. Now, the player must face Wesker in a Quick-time Event inside the aircraft, pressing the necessary buttons prompts to either dodge or counterattack the boss assault. Failure to press the button will result in Wesker killing either Chris/Sheva.

Wesker Volcano fight strategy

Wesker will be fought mutated after the player resumes control and walks forward a short distance in the Volcano at the end of Chapter 6-3. This fight is done in a few phases. When the battle begins, Wesker will have two possible attacks;

While Wesker swings his tentacle arms around, turn and run up the slope but stop before stepping on the weak bridge. There is a large rock outcrop ahead that will fall if shot. Once the weak bridge collapses, head for the rock platform (which player had shot early on) to reach a small passage. Turn around and head back to where the player had fallen. As Sheva, the player can shoot Wesker from a distance. Once Wesker mutates his other arm, he will jump onto Sheva's passage. Run away to another weak bridge and press the necessary button prompts as Sheva attempts to climb up onto the cliff again. Once she climbs up, follow the path forward and wait until Chris knocks the boulder into the lava, creating a stepping stone for the player to jump onto.

Wesker Volcano fight strategy3

As Chris, jump across to a small island and head toward the path to the left. While Wesker attempts to swing his tentacle arm, his weak spot will be revealed. Once Wesker approaches the player at the small island, he will raise the tentacle arm in the air, walk toward the player, and perform a slam attack. This can be evaded by pressing the specified button. At some point after player inflicts enough damage, Wesker will mutate his other arm into a tentacle form. He will jump onto where Sheva is. The player then must hold Wesker by shooting from distance as Sheva tries to climb up the collapsed weak bridge. Once Sheva successfully climbs up, the player must run for the boulder at the southeast part of a small island. Follow the button prompts to knock it into the lava; this creates a stepping stone that Sheva can use to return and regroup with the player.

Wesker Volcano fight strategy2

Head back to the top ground of the small island where there will be a checkpoint, as the final showdown with Wesker begins. The player then will have two ways to defeat Wesker in this battle:

  • Inflict massive damage to the back and chest weak spots. As Wesker weak spots appear, run behind him to use the Restrain button prompts as he staggers after the frontal vulnerability is shot. Restrain Wesker as Sheva approaches his chest to stab furiously.
  • Aim for Wesker's face to stun him, forcing him to backpedal by a couple of steps. Repeat this until he performs the whirlwind attack, though be advised that getting too close will result in an instant death. As the weak spot on Wesker's chest is revealed, inflict enough damage to it until he is defeated.[3]

Once Wesker is defeated, he will fall into the lava as Chris and Sheva are rescued by Jill and Josh Stone via a helicopter. Wesker will grab the helicopter in a final attempt to bring them down. The player must press the button prompts in the final Quick-time Event so that Chris and Sheva can launch two RPG rockets at Wesker. Failure to do so results in an instant kill attack by Wesker.

Lost in Nightmares

Wesker returns as the ending boss in the Lost in Nightmares scenario. His functions are same that he shows in his human form during Campaign mode.

The Mercenaries

Wesker returns is a unlockable character in The Mercenaries for Resident Evil 5. He also has two outfits, his midnight costume and S.T.A.R.S. uniform, each with a unique set of weapons. Just like Jill, Wesker not playable in the Reunion version of the game mode, but in the United version, he is once again a playable character. His signature high-speed dash sets him apart from the other characters, and can be very effective if used correctly. The downside to it is that it drains quite a bit of health each time it is used.


Load-out Unlocked by
Re5dx9 2016 08 03 18 36 25 033

Achieve at least an A rank or higher on The Mines.

Load-out Unlocked by
Re5dx9 2016 08 03 18 36 26 853

Achieve at least an A rank or higher on Prison.

Melee Attacks

Position Attack Strength
Head Cobra Strike 1200 HP
Arm (front) Panther Fang 300 HP
Arm (back) Jaguar Kick 300 HP
Leg (front) Tiger Uppercut 400 HP
Leg (back) Mustang Kick 500 HP
Ground Windfall 600 HP
Combo Finisher (front) Ghost Butterfly 4000 HP
Combo Finisher (back) Rhino Charge 4000 HP
Dash Knee Cannon 1000 HP
Grapple Breaker Ram Horn 500 HP
Licker Knockdown Combo Tiger Uppercut 600 HP
Licker Knockdown Combo Stab 1200 HP

Versus Mode

Wesker is also unlockable character in the Versus game modes. He has same two outfits seen in The Mercenaries, each also with a unique set of weapons depending on gametypes, though they share the same moveset. His finishing Melee Move is the Ghost Butterfly.


Load-out (usually) Unlocked by
Resident-evil-5-versus-mode-wesker midnight

Versus Mode Character G (30,000 Exchange Points)

Load-out (usually) Unlocked by

Versus Mode Character H (50,000 Exchange Points)

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

In the non-canon game Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Wesker is one of the unlockable characters. He is one of the strongest characters in this game but has a very bad recovery rate. Wesker's weapon set also has a flaw of low recovery.


Load-out Damage took Heal amount Unlock requirement
110% 300 Achieving a B rank or higher on Mission 5–5.

Load-out Damage took Heal amount Unlock requirement
Wesker Alternate
50% 90 Achieving a B rank or above on all mission levels.

Melee Attacks

Position Attack Damage Description
Head stun Cobra Strike 1200 When Wesker approaches an enemy that is stunned in the head, he thrusts his arm forward and strikes the enemy with the palm of his hand, sending them flying to the ground.
Arm stun (front) Panther Fang 300 When Wesker approaches an enemy that is stunned in the arm from the front, he does an open-handed hook on the enemy, hitting them across the face and knocking them back.
Arm stun (back) Jaguar Kick 300 When Wesker approaches an enemy that is stunned in the arm from the back, he kicks them straight in the stomach, sending them backward.
Leg stun (front) Tiger Uppercut 400 When Wesker approaches an enemy that is stunned in the knee from the front, he turns slightly to the side and does an open-handed uppercut, sending them to the ground.
Leg stun (back) Mustang Kick 600 When Wesker approaches an enemy that is stunned in the knee from the back, he does powerful side kick that sends the enemy flying to the ground.
Ground Windfall 650 When Wesker approaches an enemy that is on the ground, he lifts his leg up above his head before slamming it down on the enemy.
Death Blow (front) Ghost Butterfly 4000 When Wesker approaches a boss or combo stunned enemy from the front, he makes a butterfly-like arm movement as he powerfully attacks the enemy.
Death Blow (back) Rhino Charge 4000 When Wesker approaches a boss or combo stunned enemy from the back, he lunges forward and dives his hand violently through the enemy's chest before taking it out as they fall to the ground.
Press Right on the D-pad Dash 200 Wesker kneels down then move runs forward very quickly.
Press "Y" while dashing Knee Cannon 1000 When Wesker is performing his dash, he jumps up into the air and forcefully knees the enemy in the face, instantly blasting their head off.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Wesker is a unlockable character in Raid Mode for Resident Evil: Revelations 2. His specialty is evasion, strength and durability, in addition to being proficient in several strong weapons and elementary bottles, making him therefore one of the strongest characters in the game

Basic info Active skills Passive skills Episode content Unlock method
Chara13pDKe rev2
Physical attack:
  • Cobra strike

Ground finisher:

  • Windfall


  • Laughing 1 (Unlocked at Lv. 50)
Weapon Masteries
  • Magnum

Electric Bottle

Evade Cancel
  • Evade at any time, except while being grabbed by an enemy.

Melee Master

  • Strengthens melee attacks and increases the knife attack speed.
Separate download or part of Retail Disc
Only through DLC content.

Resident Evil: Zero HD Remaster

Wesker appears as a playable character in the mini-game Wesker Mode, alongside Rebecca Chambers. He has similar abilities to those in Resident Evil 5, right down to his trademark superhuman speed, as well as a similar design. However, he has an additional ability where he discharges energy from his eyes. He is also shown to know how to mix herbs. During cinematics, however, due to it essentially being a re-skin for the main campaign, Wesker is treated as if he were Billy Coen, including having Billy's lines in cutscenes.

Other Media

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Albert Wesker is a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. His theme song is a remix of the Resident Evil 5 song Wind Of Madness, featured as an orchestral version (digital in the OST) when Chris and Sheva fight against him in the Tricell ship.

Wesker's gameplay revolves around high-level mindgames via his Phantom Move, a series of teleports in either forward or diagonally upward on ground, or left, right and down to the ground in midair. Several of his RE5 moves are available in his moveset, such has his Windfall (now a normal throw), Panther Fang (his standing medium attack), Cobra Strike, Ghost Butterfly, Knee Cannon (renamed Jaguar Dash, with the knee portion being Jaguar Kick), Tiger Uppercut (his standard launcher attack, as well as a reversal were Wesker counters attacks and teleports out of harm's way with a varying attack) and Mustang Kick (now a command throw). He also has his Samurai Edge gun in three of his command normals, Horizontal Fire (fires straight forward), Lower Shot (fires gun on ground, which can pop up downed foes) and Anti-Surface (fires gun downward in midair). His Hyper Combos are the Phantom Dance (a stronger version of Collide where Wesker dashes about on the screen with the option to control the directions; nicknamed "Maximum Wesker" by Seth Killian after Spider-Man's Maximum Spider), Rhino Charge (which is now a reversal attack like Tiger Uppercut), and Lost in Nightmares (where Wesker pummels the foe back and forth and ends with tossing a missile at them from above; named after the RE5 DLC of the same name). His sunglasses now shatter if hit enough times, and during Phantom Dance he will remove them himself. His taunt can renew his shades and well as tagging him out and back in.

Wesker's basic usage tends to be a bit difficult to master due to several possibilities with his Phantom Move, but if mastered, he becomes one of the most powerful point characters in the game, with all sorts of long combos involving his Samurai Edge, and with amazing crossups and mindgames. Wesker also has a notably high amouth of health in the game, though his attack is usually average. Despite this, Wesker has no grounded overheads, making him weak in mixups.

In the Ultimate version of MVC3, Wesker's health is reduced from 1,100,000 to 1,000,000, which is the same amount as Ryu's and is 100,000 less than in the vanilla version. Wesker's Phantom Dance and Lost in Nightmares are now among the many Hyper Combos that can now be button mashed for more damage. Additionally, his speed and attack increase if his glasses are removed or destroyed. This, combined with a Lv. 3 X-Factor makes Wesker somewhat invoke a "Lv. 4 X-Factor", making him even more powerful than in the original version.

Lost Planet 2


Wesker's skin as shown at Gamestop's screenshots.

On November 17, 2009, Gamestop announced an exclusive bonus item regarding its reservation. This item was a Wesker and revolver skin. He is just merely a skin, however, as he doesn't appear in the game's main storyline and is just considered as extra content.

He is unlockable via a code inputted in the game's Edit menu. His code is "72962792".

Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game

Wesker has three cards in the Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. Wesker's cards are two characters and one Infected.


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