Further notes
  • Wesker's fate varies in both the original Resident Evil and its remake.
    • Should Jill be on the path for one of the better endings in the original, Wesker's decapitated corpse could be found in the Power room. In this scenario, Barry knocks out Wesker before he and Jill enter the Tyrants Room, allowing Wesker to leave the area. In other circumstances, Wesker will be impaled by the Tyrant before attacking Chris/Jill.
    • In the remake, if Jill is on the path for one of the better endings, Wesker will be knocked aside by the Tyrant and escape in the skirmish. In other circumstances, for both Chris and Jill's story, Wesker will be impaled by the Tyrant.
    • When Chris and Wesker are working together to fend off Lisa Trevor, it's possible for Lisa to knock Wesker off the platform into the abyss below, however this doesn't affect Chris' story and Wesker will still appear in the Tyrant Room.
  • In Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, Wesker's voice is heard.
  • In Resident Evil 5, Wesker's previous height of 6'0" was retroactively changed to 6'3", to appear more threatening. Although in actual gameplay, he appears to be closer to 6'7".
  • If a player completes the game on Professional difficulty and then logs into PlayStation Home, the player will be awarded a Wesker decoration trophy. He will be wearing his Resident Evil 5 uniform and appearance along with his long overcoat.
  • If a player completes the bug hunting in the RE5 hub in PlayStation Home and has save data of Resident Evil 5 on their PlayStation 3, the player can go inside the building and speak with Reynard. He will award the player with a pair of Wesker's sunglasses for locating all the beetles.


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