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"Soon, the sun will set on the age of man."
— Albert Wesker[1]

Albert Wesker (アルバート・ウェスカー?) (c.1960) was an accomplished virologist specialised in biotechnology and bioengineering, notorious for his work with groups affiliated with the bio-weapons black market.

As a senior researcher linked to the t-Virus Project as early as 1978, he bore witness to, and at times shaped, Umbrella's B.O.W. research. He officially left the company soon after a stall in the Tyrant Project and began work as a spy, leading to a career in the United States Army and eventually with S.T.A.R.S. as its Captain.[2]

Wesker ultimately chose to betray Umbrella and work with other groups to steal its research data, benefiting from a mutation brought on by a prototype virus that gave him superhuman powers. This made him, in his self-assertion, believe that he was chosen to achieve the ultimate goal of causing the mass extinction of humanity in favor of evolution.


Mansion Incident (1998)[]

"I’ve always been with Umbrella. And S.T.A.R.S. were Umbrella’s... No, rather... my little piggies. The Tyrant virus leaked, polluting this whole place... and unfortunately, I had to give up my lovely members of S.T.A.R.S...""

The summer of 1998 saw considerable upset to Umbrella. The new ε strain infected a number of staff at the Arklay Laboratory in May, prompting a quarantine of the staff while its guards made preparations to shoot all escapees. Wesker and Birkin personally visited the lab shortly after the alarm was raised to evacuate the cloned embryos of the T-002 Tyrant, one of Umbrella's most important assets. Wesker also gave orders to forbid phone calls in order to limit the spread of information.[4]

Escaped Cerberus did however manage to leave the mansion grounds and began killing and attacking passersby in the Raccoon Forest, with infected survivors going on to kill others. By July, the number of confirmed deaths had surpassed 20 civilians in what the RPD theorized to be the work of a cult. Unable to locate suspects and/or any logical motives public outcry grew to fever pitch. After the lack of results of an extensive dragnet by Raccoon Police and[5] after press backlash, the RPD assigned the case to S.T.A.R.S. No longer able to manage the situation from within,[6] Umbrella HQ produced the "X-Day" plans, giving Wesker a series of tasks to perform during the mission. He received orders to sacrifice S.T.A.R.S. to the mutants to provide combat data, eliminating them as witnesses; to collect the remaining B.O.W. embryos, and to finally destroy the Arklay Laboratory itself to wipe out all trace of the virus.[7] On 23 July, Wesker sabotaged the engine of Bravo Team's helicopter, which would prevent their escape and require Alpha Team's subsequent investigation.[8]

On the evening of July 24th, Wesker led Alpha Team out to the mountains as he had expected.[8] To better his chances of survival, Wesker was provided with a mutant t-Virus strain designed to mutate his body to enhance his strength and regenerative abilities. He also threatened Barry Burton with the harm of his wife and two daughters, forcing him to assist in the confiscation and destruction of incriminating evidence. Soon after arriving at Bravo Team's helicopter site, where RPD pilot Kevin Dooley's body was discovered, the team was attacked by the Cerberus pack and Joseph Frost killed, with pilot Brad Vickers abandoning the group.[8] The others fled to the nearby Spencer Mansion to seek shelter. Inside, Wesker separated themselves into groups and continued with his mission. During the night he discovered Bravo Captain Enrico Marini to be alive and having discovered incriminating evidence against Umbrella, and promptly shot him in the underground tunnels before fleeing.

Wesker aim at Chris

Wesker "betrays" his unit and reveals his true alliegences.

In the lab, Wesker began preparations for waking up the Tyrant to kill the remaining S.T.A.R.S. survivors, infecting himself with the mutant virus strain shortly before doing so. He was cornered by his comrades while in the chamber and confessed his role in Umbrella's conspiracy before releasing the Tyrant to attack them. However, the T-002 stabbed Wesker first, impaling him through the chest before going after the others. Though Wesker was fatally wounded, the virus in his body had succeeded in mutating him to possess impressive regenerative abilities, and he narrowly escaped the destruction of the mansion. Believed dead by Umbrella and S.T.A.R.S., Wesker was able to gain employment within the company despite his failure to provide the samples.

In the Shadows (1998-2002)[]

Still maintaining the illusion of death, Wesker avoided showing himself publicly. When Dr. Birkin completed Golgotha, the organisation made plans to steal it, and Wesker played a role as an external contact between the group and their spy, Ada Wong. With the t-Virus outbreak slowing down Wong's investigation. Following the acquisition of Golgotha, Wesker assisted Wong's escape from the city on October 1.

Valdelobos Mission (2004)[]

At some point in 2004, Wesker came into contact with Luis Navarro, a former Umbrella Europe and Los Iluminados researcher, and learned about both the cult and their use of the Plaga parasite. Hiring Ada Wong to seemly act as a liaison for him and hide his presence. Wesker had her make an arrangement with Navarro over a series of emails to obtain a sample known as "The Amber", which contained a petrified dominant strain Plaga with unique properties, from Luis in exchange for helping to extract him from the cult.[9][10]

Seperate Ways (4R) 2

Wesker oversees the Valdelobos mission.

Monitoring the situation from a private vessel located near Valdelobos and the Island, Wesker actively participated in Wong's mission, rescuing her from a group of Ganados outside the village's steelworks and later giving her an override device to be connected with the main terminal in communications facility.[11]

Wesker would later initiate the countdown for the island's destruction, which narrowly included Leon and Ashley Graham among its casualties. Much to her conflicted mind, Ada utilized the override device to delay and minimize the explosion impact and escape the area, leading to only half of the island facility being destroyed.

Wong would later betray Wesker after he revealed his plans to use the parasite to sacrifice the lives of "billions" so that only a few would live.[12][13] Regardless, Wesker had planned for this outcome and was able to obtain the remains of a dominant parasite from the charred corpse of Jack Krauser.[1]


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