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Albert Wesker was an Umbrella agent working within the S.T.A.R.S. police force. He was killed during the events of the Mansion Incident.


When Umbrella released the T-virus throughout their laboratory complex in the Arklay Mountains, they had to counter the unexpected civilian deaths that took place as a result. Albert, a mole within S.T.A.R.S., was selected to investigate it. Transported to Raccoon City, he began requesting transfers from other cities in the United States, aware that Joseph Frost was the only other member at the time. He remained in contact with Holden, another Umbrella agent, the whole time.[1]

Albert Wesker spying- OCM

Albert, spying

The selection process took a mere week.[2] During that time, he ordered the newly arrived Jill Valentine and Barry Burton to investigate brutal murders at Raccoon City College.[3] Soon after, it was revealed that the reason Albert suggested Barry be transferred to Raccoon City was because Albert judged him to be "easily manipulated into serving our purposes".[1] To groom Barry into the role of the team's 'Judas', he allowed Barry to be aware of his status as a mole, though only allowing a certain amount of information to slip on by. Barry, himself believed the T-virus was part of an advanced disease research project by Umbrella, rather than a military one, and that the company was using Umbrella to prevent their good name being tarnished. Ready to report his Captain, his family was threatened. Further analysis of Albert's writings allowed Barry to discover the existence of the G-Virus, a fact which was of use later on.[2]

Albert Wesker death- OCM

By the end of the week, the S.T.A.R.S. Raccoon branch had swelled to eleven officers, split into two teams.[note 1] It was now that the green light was given in beginning the investigation. Bravo Team was sent out unaware that Albert had sabotaged their helicopter to crash in the forest.[1]

Within the laboratory complex, Albert watched Chris' and Jill's progress through a security feed from the Tyrant chamber.[4] The two recovered various documents during their investigation, which revealed his identity as a mole. According to Chris at a later meeting, Albert show the rookie, Rebecca and forced him to watch the Tyrant activation. The Tyrant lost control and proceeded to "skewer" the Umbrella agent before turning to fight Chris.[2]



  1. No mention is made of Edward Dewey. As such, it is to be assumed he didn't exist in this universe.
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