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The Mansion Incident. The tragedy at Raccoon City. Rockfort Island. Umbrella's Antarctic Research Facility, and the Umbrella Caucasus Research Facility in Russia. The kidnapping of the U.S. president's daughter. One man was involved either directly or indirectly with each and every one of these incidents - Albert Wesker.

The motivation behind all of Wesker's actions can be found in this current incident in Africa.

Wesker had already obtained samples of various organisms and viruses including the T-Virus, the G-Virus, the T-Veronica virus, and Las Plagas. All of these were eagerly and enthusiastically received by Umbrella's former rival companies who compensated him greatly for each. With wealth, power, and glory, Wesker appeared to have everything a person could ever want.

Wesker, however, was not interested in material gains.

An all too familiar sense of trepidation continued to gnaw at him. The source of this uneasiness being Umbrella's founder, Ozwell E. Spencer.

During his time at Umbrella, Wesker could never ascertain what Spencer's true intentions were. Spencer's extensive funding of B.O.W. research was unheard of in the field.

The whole reason for producing bioweapons was that it could be done relatively inexpensively when combined with a normal weapons delivery system.

Spencer's extreme investment in B.O.W.s seemed unnecessary. Why would Spencer need such B.O.W.s in the first place? To find the answer to that question, Wesker joined Umbrella's Information Department.

Even after the downfall of Umbrella, these doubts continued to haunt Wesker.

To find the answer he needed, Wesker began to search out Spencer. The only problem was that even before Umbrella's dissolution, Spencer had removed himself from Umbrella's day-to-day operations. Wesker had to use every resource at his disposal - all time, money, and connections. Eventually, he ascertained Spencer's long-hidden whereabouts.

On the first night of autumn, as thunder and lightning raged in the skies above, Wesker arrived at the ancient castle in Europe where Spencer resided. Wesker expected the old man to be surprised by his presence, but instead the withered old eyes of Spencer lit up with dark delight as he spoke:

"You're back..."

The words barely audible amidst his cough-racked laugh.

If Wesker had his doubts about Spencer before, he didn't knew what to make of him now. He only knew at that moment that this seemingly feeble old man had been in control of everything that had transpired at Umbrella. Even Wesker's own actions through the years had been controlled and manipulated by this decrepit old man.

With this sudden realization, Wesker now knew the source of his anxiety for all those years.

Appearing to read Wesker's thoughts, Spencer laid out everything to him.

The developments of bio-organic weapons was only a means of achieving his true goal - the forced evolution of mankind via viruses.

It would be the end of the current form of humanity and the birth of a new superior human race. With this new race he would build his Utopia, with himself as a god on Earth.

In order to realize this dream, he required three things.

1. The Progenitor Virus
Without this key component, his dreams would be no more than abstract ideas. Once he discovered the Progenitor virus, he had the foundation on which all his subsequent plans would be built.

2. The Umbrella Corporation
The manufacture of bioweapons was the perfect method of conducting his research on the Progenitor virus. Any profits gained through Umbrella's research were secondary to his true goal.

The third thing Spencer needed in his grand vision was Wesker himself. Spencer know what was required for his Utopia. He also know he would need a new human race. But what would that new breed of humans be like?

The Progenitor virus would spur natural selection upon the population. That was the fundamental premise behind Spencer's plan. But if the new breed of humans brought about by this selection process were unwilling to share in his vision, then there would be unwanted complications.

This forced stage of evolution would give the surviving humans increased strength and intelligence, but it would not affect a person's knowledge, logic, or general character. If any indolent or unsavory individuals survived to be a part of this new race, it would be a blight on Spencer's Utopia. Spencer was not about to have his vision stained, so he enacted a plan to ensure that would not happen.

This plan was called the Wesker Plan, which was named after the chief researcher at the time.

According to this plan, hundreds of children born of parents of superior intellect from all nationalities would be collected.

If their knowledge, logic, and self-will could not be altered by genetic manipulation, then Spencer himself would instill his values into these children by whatever means he deemed necessary.

These children were all given the surname Wesker, and after completion of their indoctrination/manipulation they were placed into select controlled environments in various locations around the world, even under Umbrella's watchful eye.

The children themselves were to be kept unaware they were being monitored. With Umbrella's concealed aid they all received the best educations available in the field they pursued.

After a few years, one child who showed particular promise was sent to Umbrella's Training Facility in Raccoon City. This Wesker child's name was Albert.

Spencer was quite pleased by all of Albert's actions, and if the other Wesker children were like him, Spencer would have nothing but quality individuals for his new race of humanity.

Spencer then enacted the second phase of his plan.

All the Wesker children would be administered an experimental virus.

This virus was administered to screen out the more gifted of the Wesker children.

Some took the virus on the recommendation of a friend; others were given the virus as part of their medical treatment; still other had it forcibly administered to them.

Albert Wesker was not different. His partner, William Birkin, gave him the experimental virus, and he administered it to himself.

This screening process turned out to be a little too selective.

Most of the Wesker children died, leaving only a few survivors. Albert Wesker was one of those survivors, and he disappeared shortly after.

Spencer was unconcerned by this development. There was a failsafe device attached to every Wesker - Spencer's existence.

This was the discomfort Albert had felt throughout his life. All Wesker children were programmed to seek Spencer out, which manifested itself as a growing anxiety within each of the subjects. Just as Spencer had predicted, Albert soon came to him.

Unfortunately, Spencer had made one miscalculation. His failsafe only worked for as long as it remained a mystery. As soon as the mystery was revealed, Wesker no longer had a need to restrain himself. All that was impeding Wesker was a feeble old man on death's doorstep.

"The right to be a god... That right is now mine."

With these words, Wesker broke from the shackles that Spencer had laid on him.

It was only random chance that brought his former subordinates Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine to Spencer's mansion at that exact time, but Wesker took it as a sign.

The weak would always resist the will of the chosen.

With renewed purpose Wesker reflected on his own evolution and the evolution of the human race.

After the incident at the Spencer estate, he went underground and used the news of his death to veil his activities. He had achieved his goal of obtaining the virus and capital he needed from his position at Umbrella.

Next he put all his efforts into bringing his Uroboros Plan to fruition, and thereby setting himself up as a god over the new generation of humanity.


































The Mansion Incident, the tragic incident in Raccoon City, the incident in the Umbrella Antarctic Laboratory beginning from Rockfort Island, the incident in the Russian Caucasus Laboratory, and the kidnapping of the U.S. President's daughter.

A man is confirmed to have affected the limelight and background in all these cases.
That is Albert Wesker.
It's not an exaggeration to say that this incident was sparked by his actions.

Until now, Wesker had obtained many viruses and organisms, including the t-Virus, G-Virus, t-Veronica and the Plaga.
Armed with these, he rose within the rival company of Umbrella and obtained status, wealth and honor.
Materially, he was contented.

But a discomfort, which had always been there, continued to exist inside him.
It was Oswell E. Spencer, founder of Umbrella.

For a long time, Wesker couldn't fathom Spencer's true goal.
He had said that his superfluous capital investment into Bio Organic Weapons (B.O.W.) was abnormal.
Originally, the merit of a biological weapon was that it could be developed cheaply.
Thinking about combined use with a normal weapon system, extreme B.O.W. development was thus far unnecessary.
Why did he persist in B.O.W.s?
In order to search for the answer, Wesker placed himself in the Umbrella Intelligence Division.

The question came to flare up in his head again.
For the answer to the question, Wesker searched for Spencer's whereabouts.
However, after Umbrella's collapse, Spencer had disappeared from the limelight and gone missing.
He used everything he had.
Wesker used all of his organization's power, money and time, and finally discovered Spencer's location.

On an early autumn night of ceaseless thunder, Wesker visited Spencer in an old European castle.
When he caught sight of Wesker, Spencer considered whether to be surprised and shone a dark joy underneath his shriveled eye sockets.

"You've returned..."

Spencer's laugh was mixed with dry coughs.

Again, Wesker was unable to measure this old man's true intentions.
He'd experienced this feeling many times since the time he was in Umbrella.
A sticky presence emanated heavily from the old man with a feeble body like a withered branch.
The power of an absolute, engulfing goal had danced in the palm of his hand.
This was the true nature of his biggest discomfort, the nemesis he had irritated himself with.
Spencer began to talk as if he had detected it inside him.

Bio Organic Weapons development was only a means for allowing him to accomplish his true goal.
His true goal was the forced evolution of the human race by means of a virus.
The end of Homo sapiens who had lasted 200,000 years and the birth of a neogenetic humanity.
His true goal was to create a Utopia by and with the new humanity, and to become a god there.

There were three things he required to realize this distorted ideal.

Firstly, the "Progenitor Virus."
Without the Progenitor Virus, his Utopian creation was only a dream for him.
The Progenitor Virus's existence dragged that dream into the real world.

Secondly, "Umbrella."
Development for weapons application purposes was perfect to advance Progenitor Virus research without anyone realizing his true intentions.
Therefore, the profits obtained by Umbrella were merely secondary for him.

And the third was "Wesker."
The Utopia envisioned by Spencer.
The people living there had to be ideal humans.
Then, what was an ideal human?

A nascent humanity whose evolution was prompted by the Progenitor Virus.
That was the main premise, of course.
However, what happens if a person whose evolution is prompted is a man who doesn't comply with his own will?

Even if they evolved and obtained superhuman bodies and intelligence, the person's knowledge, morality and common sense wouldn't change.
Suppose lazy and incompetent people were chosen as reborn humans, what would happen?
They would become a stain polluting his faultless Utopia.
It was a situation that surely needed to be avoided.

Therefore Spencer decided to carry out a single plan.

The plan was called the "Wesker Project" after the name of the chief researcher.

According to the plan, several hundred children were gathered from every race around the world.
They were children born from parents full of accomplishments.
He thought that if he couldn't change their knowledge, morality and common sense, he should give them the things he hoped for from the beginning.

Each was given the name of "Wesker" and the gathered children were set free around the world.
Naturally, extreme surveillance was attached without them noticing.
Their fields were different but each would grow up in an environment where they received the best education.

Several years later, a single particularly excellent and recognized young man was sent to the "Umbrella Executive Training Center" in Raccoon City.
It was the Wesker given the name "Albert."

Albert Wesker's subsequent actions pleased Spencer.
He was able to tell that this Wesker had sufficiently met the standards of his nascent humanity.
Moreover, the same might've been said for other Weskers.

Therefore, Spencer decided to push the plan forward to the next stage.
He decided to administer an experimental stage virus to all the Weskers.

This was a "screening", so to speak, to ascertain the truly excellent Weskers.
Some would be forcibly administered the experimental stage virus as part of their treatment, others on the recommendation of close friends.

Naturally, Albert Wesker was no exception either.
He received the experimental stage virus from his rival William Birkin and injected it himself for his scheme.

It could be said that the result of this "screening" was too severe.
Almost all Weskers died, and only a few survived.
One of the survivors, Albert Wesker, disappeared somewhere.

It was "Spencer's presence".

That was the true figure of the uneasiness Wesker had continued to feel.
Wesker wasn't interested in Spencer, his curiosity was programmed.
And in accordance with Spencer's expectations, Wesker returned.

However, Spencer had only one miscalculation.
The safeguard kept in the depths of Wesker's psyche was effective only because he was a mystery.
There was no reason for Wesker to be quietly bound by it if he understood his true nature.
Furthermore, he had grown old and was an old man all the more close to death.

"God... I see. I will take over"

With those words, Wesker severed his own chains.

Was it mere chance that his former subordinates Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine delved in?
Wesker thought of it as a revelation.
The Homo sapiens who had interfered with his own plans many times.

It seemed there was definitely still room for evolution.

Wesker murmured in his heart.

Then, Wesker survived that place and in possession of funds, research results and viruses using a position he'd gained in a certain pharmaceutical company, he crept underground again.
He began ascending the steps for becoming a next-generation god, to carry out the veritable "Uroboros Project."


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