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"So we finally meet."
— Lady Dimitrescu to the "Maiden".

Lady Alcina Dimitrescu (オルチーナ・ドミトレスク oruchīna domitoresuku?) was a mutant human countess and the matriarch of the Dimitrescu family. A native of Romania, she inherited Castle Dimitrescu, a fortress controlled by the family since its Medieval inception. For at least seventy years between the 1950s and 2020s, she was tied to a series of violent homicides.


Alcina Dimitrescu was the final inheritor of Castle Dimitrescu, a medieval fortress looming over an unnamed mountain village in Romania. Her origins are presently a mystery, in particular the question of her age, though portraits and statues within her estate suggest she may have been born during the early 1900s. What little can be ascertained of her early life is that she possessed an unnamed hereditary blood disease, which was passed down to her from her ancestors.

At some point prior to or during the 1950s, she came into contact with "Mother Miranda", a woman worshipped by the locals as a dark deific figure, who infected Alcina with a parasitic B.O.W called the Cadou, granting Dimitrescu immortality at the cost of her developing a thirst for human blood.

At some point in the 1950s, possibly with Miranda's aid, Dimitrescu successfully mutated three other women: Daniela, Bela, and Cassandra, whom she regarded as her daughters. These three women were similar to Dimitrescu in that they were essentially immortal and reliant on vampirism for sustenance. However, the three differed from Alcina in that they could not withstand cold air, and could dissolve themselves into a swarm of insects at will.

The Dimitrescu family was closely associated with the noble Beneviento, Moreau, and Heisenberg families, and maintained an alliance with them in controlling the region. This control allowed Dimitrescu's family to rule her castle with barbarous cruelty, regularly taking in new staff to replace those who were taken to the dungeon to be killed. The blood of her victims was used to create an enriched red wine called Sanguis Virginis (Latin for "Maiden's Blood"). In spite of this alliance, she did not approve of the other house Lords, particularly Karl Heisenberg, whom she frequently clashed with. In private, she bemoaned that she was not Miranda's favorite, instead being treated the same as all the other house Lords, whom Alcina saw as inferior.

In 2021, Ethan Winters was captured by Heisenberg and brought before Mother Miranda and the Lords of the Four Houses, Alcina among them. She implored Miranda to give her custody over Ethan, claiming that her daughters "love to entertain foreigners". However, Miranda ultimately decided to let Heisenberg have Ethan, prompting a loud argument between Dimitrescu and Heisenberg.

Ethan soon escaped Heisenberg and, believing his kidnapped daughter Rose might be in Dimitrescu's domain, entered her castle. Alcina's three daughters quickly found Ethan and subdued him, bringing him before Lady Dimitrescu herself. The four women incapacitated Ethan by impaling both of his hands with sickle chains, which they used to suspend him from the ceiling, planning to consume Ethan after informing Mother Miranda of his capture. Ethan, however, was able to pry himself free in due course, traversing the halls of Castle Dimitrescu in search of his daughter, only to be cornered by Daniela, Bela, and Cassandra throughout; eventually, he was able to kill each of them by exposing them to the cold temperatures outside and hacking them to pieces. After finding her daughters' remains, Alcina flew into a violent rage, vowing to kill Ethan herself despite Miranda's orders that he be kept alive.

Alcina quickly found Ethan and, falsely claiming that Rose was never in her castle to begin with, infuriatingly pummeled Ethan with such force that he crashed through the floor, causing him to fall to the catacombs below. Dimitrescu shouted that she would hunt him down and break him for killing her daughters, prompting Ethan to snarl back at her to do her worst, though he did not get very far before having his hand sliced off by Alcina. Although Ethan managed to reattach his hand, Alcina continued to stalk Ethan throughout the castle, interposing with sadistic resolution that he would pay with his life for insulting House Dimitrescu and ending her bloodline.

After confronting Ethan within her estate's family crypt and impaling him in the stomach, Ethan counteracted by stabbing her in the side with the Dagger of Death's Flowers, causing Alcina's Cadou parasite to mutate, transmogrifying her into the form of a massive winged dragon-like creature.

As they fought on the castle rooftops, Alcina finally admitted to Ethan that Mother Miranda did indeed kidnap his daughter, and that the Four Houses would never give her back, avowing that Ethan would be dead before he ever saw Rose again. She lamented the irony of how as he searched for his daughter, he killed Alcina's own, and told him she would never forgive him. An enraged Ethan, in response, relentlessly shot at Alcina's mutated form, eventually defeating her. As she began to calcify, Alcina made one final attempt at killing Ethan by pulling him down with her as she plummeted to the castle grounds below. Realizing that Ethan survived the fall, she cursed his name one last time before calcifying and crumbling to pieces.


As a result of the Cadou parasite, Alcina's mutation bestowed her with profound regenerative capabilities, elongated retractable claws which she could extend from her fingers at will, and eternal life that preserved her physical appearance at the age of 44. As a side effect of her pre-existing blood disease, Alcina was thereafter forced to consume large quantities of human blood and flesh on a regular basis to maintain her condition, which caused her to grow to inhuman proportions that peaked at 9'6". For this reason, she often had to duck her head just to fit through her own castle doorways.

When Ethan stabbed Alcina with the Dagger of Death's Flowers, she mutated into the form of a great winged beast, with what little remained of her human form straddling the creature's wings. In this form, she was able to easily fly around the spires of the castle's rooftops with enough strength to break the very stonework itself. However, the human remnant was a critical weak point and she was left vulnerable to conventional weapon attacks, which she otherwise would have regenerated from in her normal state.


In the Maiden visual demo, Alcina appears when the Maiden unlocks the door to the courtyard in an attempt to escape. She stops the Maiden from leaving, remarking how nice it is to finally meet her before grasping her around the throat. She then bares a set of gigantic retractable claws from her hand and spears the Maiden.

In the game proper, Alcina fills the role of a "stalker" type enemy, similar to other B.O.Ws in the series such as T-00 and Nemesis. After personally confronting Ethan in the castle catacombs, she will continuously patrol the castle itself, with a distinct musical cue and the sound of her footsteps alerting the player if she's nearby. If she spots Ethan, she will immediately aim for him and begin to take wide sweeps with her claws which can inflict a lot of damage unless guarded. If he is within a certain distance, Alcina can also impale Ethan on her claws and then toss him to the side. She cannot be damaged or properly stunned, no matter which weapon in used, though enough damage towards her head will make her briefly stumble before she continues her pursuit.

As a boss, Alcina's mutated form alternates between circling around the area Ethan is in or pursuing on its legs with sweeping bites and claw attacks. The human remnant is susceptible to damage and dealing enough with trigger the next stage of the fight. In some instances, Alcina is able to summon a damaging swarm of the same insects that her daughters were made out of, though these disperse over time.


Further notes

  • Alcina's power dynamic with the daughters is comparable to Count Dracula and his three so-called "Brides", who consume kidnapped infants to maintain their youth for extended periods of time and his vampiric activities were greatly aided by his ability to turn into animals. Art director Tomonori Takano has also stated that Alcina's "bewitching vampire" appearance was inspired by Elisabeth Bathory, the Hachishakusama of Japanese foklore, and Morticia Addams as played by Anjelica Huston in the '90s Addams Family films.[4]
    • Alcina also shares characteristics with Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, along with her Japanese voice actress, Kikuko Inoue. Her ability to turn her fingernails into retractable claws is a nod to the series.
    • Alcina's mutated form is based on the Whore of Babylon from Christian and Abrahamic eschatology.
  • Alcina's last name, Dimitrescu, is a name of Greek origin, though using the Slavic version, with a Romanian patronym, -escu, so the name would be translated as 'son of Dimitr'.
    • Dimitr is a Slavic rendering of the Greek name Demetrios, which means 'follower of Demeter', Demeter is the Greek Goddess of the harvest and the fertility of the earth. This name is ironic due to the many serial killings Alcina commits and that she 'harvests' virgin females for their blood.
  • Though Alcina's mutation appears to happen in response to Ethan stabbing her with the Dagger of Death's Flowers, Alcina herself makes the comment during the fight than Ethan is the only person besides Miranda to see her in that form. Notes found later in Miranda's lab which detail Alcina's mutation traits confirm that she does have some "arbitrary control" over which form she takes.


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