Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

"So we finally meet."
— Lady Dmittrescu at the end of the demo.

Alcina Dimitrescu (オルチーナ・ドミトレスク oruchīna domitoresuku?) is a mutant human countess and assumedly the matriarch of the Dimitrescu family. Resident to an Eastern European country, she inherited Castle Dimitrescu, a fortress controlled by the family since its Mediæval inception. For at least seventy years between the 1950s and 2020s she was tied to a series of violent homicides. Dimitrescu is known to live with three women whom she considers her daughters.


Dimitrescu's origins are presently a mystery, in particular the questions of her age, and whether she was born with a Progenitor disease or contracted it later. Like many others in the region, Dimitrescu was a follower of a Satanic witch-cult which practiced vampirism and human sacrifice, possibly for sustenance. She was already regularly engaging in vampirism in the 1950s, and had successfully mutated three women by 1958, one of them being Daniela.[2]

The Dimitrescu family was closely associated with the noble Beneviento, Moreau, and Heisenberg families, and maintained an alliance with them in controlling the region. This control allowed Dimitrescu's family to rule their castle with barbarous cruelty, regularly taking in new staff to replace those who were taken to the dungeon to be killed.[2] The blood of their victims was used to create an enriched red wine called Sanguis Virginis (Latin for "Maiden's Blood").


Among Dimitrescu's traits post-infection is the ability to elongate her fingernails into razor-sharp claws.


In the Maiden visual demo, Dimitrescu appears when the Maiden unlocks the door to the courtyard in an attempt to escape. She stops the Maiden from leaving, remarking how nice it is to finally meet them before grasping them around the throat. Dimitrescu then bares a set of gigantic retractable claws from her hand and spears the Maiden at the end.


Further notes

  • Resident Evil Village is heavily inspired by folklore and vampire literature. Dimitrescu's power dynamic with the daughters is comparable to Count Dracula and his three so-called "Brides", who consume kidnapped infants to maintain their youth for extended periods of time. Count Dracula was also a witch, and his vampiric activities were greatly aided by his ability to turn into animals. Art director Tomonori Takano has also stated her "bewitching vampire" appearance was inspired by Elisabeth Bthory, the Hachishakusama in Japanese foklore, and Morticia Adams as played by Anjelica Huston in the '90s Addams Family films.[3]
  • Her last name, Dimitrescu, is a name of Greek origin, though using the Slavic version, with a Romanian patronym, -escu, so the name would be translated as 'son of Dimitr'.
    • Dimitr is a Slavic rendering of the Greek name Demetrios, which means 'follower of Demeter', Demeter being the Greek Goddess of the harvest and the fertility of the earth. The name is ironic because of the many serial killings Alcina commits and that she 'harvests' virgin females for their blood.


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