The Alert Order is a file in Resident Evil 4. In the original script, it is referred to as "Warning instructions in the village" (村での警戒命令 Mura de no keikai meirei?).


The file location.

This is the first file Leon can find in the game. It first appears in the upper right shack in the village centre during Chapter 1-1.


Alert Order

Recently there has been information that a United States government agent is here investigating the village.

Do not let this American agent get in contact with the prisoner.

For those of you not yet informed, the prisoner is being held in an old house beyond the farm. We will transfer the prisoner to a more secure location in the valley when we are ready. The prisoner is to stay there until further notice. Meanwhile, do not let the American agent near the prisoner.

We do not know how the American government found out about our village. But we are investigating.

However, I feel that this intrusion at this particular time is not just a coincidence.

I sense a third party other than the United States government involved here.

My fellow men, stay alert!

-Chief. Bitores Mendez

近々、合衆国のエージェントが、 この村の調査に訪れるという情報が入った。




また、合衆国政府がどのような経緯でこの村を捜査対象としたのかも、探る必要がある。 計画実行の迫った、このタイミングで捜査が入るのは、単なる偶然とは考えにくい。 我々と合衆国以外の第3の組織が動いている可能性もある。


村長 ビトレス・メンデス


It is a memo written by Bitores Mendez telling the village Ganados not let Leon reach "the" prisoner. This shows the Ganados can still read and perform tasks accordingly. This also points Leon to a new objective point, assuming the prisoner is Ashley and the possible presence of a third party. Upon getting there the player and Leon find out the prisoner is actually Luis Sera.




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