Alex's Memo - Spencer is a file in Resident Evil Revelations 2.



On the verge of my plans coming to fruition, I can't help but reminiscence about my past. In particular, the foolish old man who made me who I am.

I speak of course, of Lord Oswell E. Spencer. He had it all. He commanded wealth and power at his fingertips. But it wasn't enough for him. No, he wanted more. He felt this world was in ruin, and that mankind was on a path of ultimate destruction. He wanted to create a new world filled with order. This world would have no use for the weak, foolish masses. He wanted to make a race of advanced humans in a perfect utopia, and he would rule over this new world as its god.

To those ends, he collected gifted children from all over the world. To train their minds and bodies to be the chosen ones for his new world, they were subjected to hellish tests of endurance. And they were injected with a virus, to see if they were truly fit to rise above humanity.

Sadly, most of them weren't. And so they died, one by one, until only two remained. Albert and myself. The last of the Wesker Children.

Spencer placed all his hopes on us. He tasked us with the burden of making him a god. And foolishly, compulsively, we scrambled to follow his orders.

Eventually we both realized that we had zero obligation to obey a stupid, decrepit old man. Our loyalty was a ruse, and we continued our duplicitous use of his vast resources. Eventually, with Albert on the verge of completing his own plans, he snuffed out the old skinflint's life with his bare hands. A fitting end. So now, on the verge of my own triumph, I've come to better understand how Albert must have felt. And maybe even the old man as well.

After all, I am one of the chosen. I am the last one.

The right to become a god is now mine.

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