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Alex Wesker was the twelfth of thirteen candidates for Project W, an early Umbrella program to create an evolved human race through the Progenitor virus, under the direct orders of The Earl Spencer. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, she took over a small Baltic island, where she was hailed as the Messiah,[2] or even as a goddess.[3][note 2]


Early Life and Umbrella Employment

"I hope you'll be delighted to know that the experiment's going well."
— Alex, to Spencer

Albert Wesker &. Alex Wesker

A portrait of the Wesker Children.

Alex was raised on the orders of The Earl Spencer to become one of a superior breed of humans in his eugenics program.[4][5] The project involved the abduction of a number of children thought to be of "superior" DNA. The children would then be given the surname Wesker, in honor of the project's head researcher.[5]

Alex, like all Wesker children, was programmed to seek out Spencer, eventually rising to a high position within the Umbrella Intelligence Division. At some point during her work with Umbrella, a painting was commissioned with her and Albert Wesker, a fellow Wesker child, as subjects. Although she initially intended to meet Spencer's demands for making him immortal, she eventually realized, alongside Albert, that following the orders of a man who was near death's door was foolish in the end and made preparations to betray him.[6]

At some point, she developed an incurable illness that weakened her body, before being injected with the same t-Virus variant as Albert. However, she did not become superhuman, merely surviving it as a normal human due to the illness.[7]

On 28 August 1998, Alex made a report on Project W, which stated that before Albert Wesker faked his death, the project was at a 94% rate of success, but after the news of his death, the project went down to just 18%.[8]

Sushestvovanie Island (2000-2011)

On 19 July 2000, Alex arrived on the remote formerly Soviet Union-affiliated Sushestvovanie Island with a large team of researchers, including her confidant, Stuart. She promised to return the industry to the poverty-stricken region and, through charisma and employment opportunities after reopening the island's mines, came to be revered by the natives of the island as their savior.[9] Her researchers came to think highly of her as well, calling her "Lady Alex" and following her without question. In secret, Alex used the employees hired to work in the mines as her personal test subjects to develop the t-Phobos Virus, turning most of them into B.O.W.s.

Research On Immortality (2006)

After the fall of most of Umbrella, Alex continued her work for Spencer, being the last remaining child at his side.[4] The brightest of them all, in Spencer's view and words, "Alex excels at absorbing the abilities of others."[10] Alex was tasked with conducting experiments for Spencer on a research facility on Sonido de Tortuga Island,[10] where she would study Umbrella's viruses in order to elucidate the latent ability of immortality from the Progenitor Virus for Spencer.[4][5][11] Alex failed to develop the virus, instead siphoning out resources for personal projects but reported progress to Spencer in order to keep her supply of resources. Then, in 2006, she abandoned Spencer and the island taking all of the results.[12]

Albert's Legacy (2009)

When the BSAA confirmed the death of Albert in a recent mission in Africa, Alex immediately ordered her research team led by Stuart to head to the former Umbrella Africa Laboratory to retrieve a sample of the Uroboros Virus.[13] Alex was one of the few people who actually knew about the laboratory's existence and location following Spencer's assassination at the hands of Albert, she was able to figure out that Albert discovered the location of the laboratory and would use it to realize his goals.

Fear Experiments (2011)

Alex realized that the illness she had was weakening her body from the inside. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to escape her imminent death, and that biological immortality could not be obtained by viruses or human experiments, Alex turned to her last resort; transferring a digitized copy of her human consciousness into another host. To that end, she affiliated herself with senior TerraSave member Neil Fisher, who was looking for a way to bring back the Federal Bioterrorism Commission. She enlisted his help to procure a human host with a special mental condition in exchange of a Uroboros Virus sample in return. Alex received word from Stuart that he would exterminate everyone who participated in their previous researches, himself included.

In 2011, Alex sent her private militia to abduct Claire Redfield, Moira Burton, and other TerraSave members to Sushestvovanie Island to be used as test subjects for t-Phobos. While Claire and Moira tried to escape, she taunted them over the PA system while quoting various works of Franz Kafka. Especially, she was also able to trap fellow TerraSave Members at the same time, which she was responsible to activate the siren to lure them out. Alex also taunted Gabriel Chavez while he attempted to escape the island by riding a helicopter out before it crashed after Alex remotely sabotaged the vehicle's controls. Amidst the confusion, Alex sent Neil to abduct Natalia Korda, one of her prisoners on the island, to commence her "rebirth ceremony."

Mutated alex mask

A masked Alex in her mutated state while stalking Barry and Natalia.

When Claire and Moira discovered Neil Fisher's betrayal in TerraSave who was responsible for the attack of their headquarters, Alex instead betrayed Neil by injecting him with the Uroboros virus. She also brought up about the Terragrigia Panic seven years ago and Neil was one of Morgan Lansdale's puppets as she left him to mutate. After Neil was defeated, Alex prepared to transfer the part of her own consciousness into Natalia. Later, she was confronted by Claire and Moira, during which she revealed her true intentions before shooting herself in the head. However, moments before she shot herself, she feared for her own life, allowing the t-Phobos virus inside her to mutate. Her suicidal death caused the whole tower to be activated in self-destruct sequence.

Reborn, Mutation and Death

"I understand how you felt, Albert. It's not enough to live. I want to transcend!"
— Alex before mutating

Six months later, Alex barely survives the suicide attempt at the cost of her physical form. She uses a robe and a mask to conceal her hideous body from sight. Around this time Alex begins to harbor a certain hatred towards Natalia Korda, and even went as far as to leave a note, detailing her plans to put Natalia to death.

Natalia and Alex finally meet face to face when she wanders into a candle-filled chamber with Barry Burton, father of Moira Burton. Laughing at Natalia, Alex claims to have killed Moira six months ago, infuriating Barry who is also surprised to hear that Alex is a Wesker Child. Alex summons a group of Revenant to kill Natalia, but they evade the creatures and retreat to the bowels of the ruined facility.

Alex manages to ambush them at the abandoned town as she knocks Barry onto the cliff and attempts to kill Natalia by choking her. Alex becomes angered to see Natalia retains her human form while hers is mutated. As Natalia open her eyes, she manages to break free from her grasp, making her scream in terror at the glance of her. It is implied that Alex has seen the "Alex's form" of Natalia.

Monster alex 2nd form

Alex after injecting herself with the Uroboros virus.

She later taunts them again by quoting the words of Franz Kafka as well as Natalia's teddy bear, Lottie. When they confront her at her secret underground cave, she takes a vial dose of Uroboros virus in a last ditch attempt to destroy Natalia. Alex screams about her wish to "transcend" and the realization on Albert's true motives, as she transforms into Monster Alex. A duel ensued between her and Barry, all the while shouting at Natalia for being a "fake". Barry manages to bring her down temporarily, however, she manages to knock Barry down, making her way on Natalia to exact her revenge, only to be interrupted by Moira. As the trio escapes, the Uroboros consumed her further as she pursues the survivors. Claire Redfield then shows up with a helicopter and urges the survivors to get on board. Claire joins Barry in their attempt to defeat the monstrosity. As Barry distracts Alex through the mines, Claire manages to shoot her exposed core with an RPG-7, killing her.


Two years later, Alex's copied consciousness dwelled inside Natalia's body, unnoticed by everyone. Natalia was seen reading a work of Franz Kafka, among other articles about Bioterrorism. Realizing that her experiment on immortality was a success, she grinned a malicious smile.

In addition, during the Idol Survival incident, Claire Redfield alongside Laura Bierce and Zǐlì investigated the underground lab which featured several photos of Alex Wesker. Although Laura and Zǐlì did not recognize her or the man in the photographs and wondered what the significance of the photos are, Claire immediately recognized her, initially referring to her as the Overseer before correcting herself and referring to her by her true name of Alex Wesker and deduced that the island must have been the one that she was stationed at before turning traitor against Spencer and disappearing.

Personality and Traits

Like her "brother," due to Spencer's upbringing, Alex Wesker possessed a power-hungry nature as well as delusions of godhood. Her reflections on Albert imply that she held a lot of respect and sympathy for him, due to being a fellow Wesker child and his actions. Her views on Spencer however, indicated that she had a lot of disgust for him, far more than Albert did, for using them as pawns to achieve immortality and his imminent failure.

Alex was also very skilled at virology. Her achievement in virology allowed her to gain a high position in Umbrella Corporation. Her intelligence was undoubtedly high, rivaled only by Albert Wesker.

Alex was an avid reader and was infatuated by the works of Franz Kafka. Alex would portrayed herself as Grete Samsa, and she likened her "sibling" Albert Wesker as Gregor Samsa, the characters of Kafka's novella The Metamorphosis. During the course of the game, Alex mentions many things related to Kafka's literature and his life.

Despite her evil ambitions, Alex presented herself as a very charismatic individual to others — both the population of Sushestvovanie and her own research team revered her as an almost godlike figure. This is contrast to Albert's megalomaniacal and misanthropic view of the masses, he even treated his subordinates like expendable pawns.

Like her brother, she was a master manipulator, in the same way Albert tricked the S.T.A.R.S. members into believing he was on their side, Alex was able to manipulate not only the inhabitants of Sushestvovanie, but her own staff as well, her research staff was so devoted to her that by her command they committed suicide when they were no longer of use to her.


"Whereas the other children lived single-mindedly relying on their own capabilities, Alex excels at absorbing the abilities of others."
— The Earl Spencer

Pre-mutation, she was only shown to have basic abilities, not receiving any of the Prototype Virus's special abilities unlike her brother Albert. It is strongly implied that her not receiving the abilities was because a preceding illness she had when she got the virus interfered with the virus capacity of granting her these abilities. However, at the very least her age may have slowed down, as similar to Albert, she looked like she was in her thirties when she was actually in her fifties.

Post-mutation, however, she had developed several abilities, including her being able to swat a grown man away with little effort, as well as climbing various structures in a spider-like manner.


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