"A green jewel that has been attached to a pierce."
— item examination - English
"アレクサンダーのピアスに付いていた緑の宝石 "
— Item examination - Japanese

Alexander's Jewel (アレクサンダーの宝石 arekusandā no hōseki?) is a key item in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.


The item is to be placed on the massive family portrait in the mock-up of the original Spencer estate. A player has the option of waiting to do so with all three jewels in their possession or going to get one with any other amount already present. When placing it in the portrait, a hole will be available for it at Alexander's ear, given where the jewel came from in the first place. Upon which, the jewel will give off a twinkle of green until all three jewels are in the portrait and it will rise up to reveal a hidden door.


This item is taken off of his earring.



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