Further notes
  • In Resident Evil CODE:Veronica, it is possible to kill Nosferatu with a single shot to the heart with Alfred's sniper rifle, but it requires extreme accuracy. If the player hits it, a special animation will be shown of Claire saying "Gotcha!" while shooting him in the heart. Accomplishing this and completing the game will unlock a first-person viewpoint for the Battle Game mode.
  • In CODE: Veronica, there are two special cutscenes other than the one mentioned above. The first is if the player is unable to shoot out his heart with one shot. After multiple shots, Claire will exclaim "I got you now!" and shoot out the heart. The second triggers if the player uses the knife, with Claire saying the same thing in the killing scene, but stabbing his heart instead.[1]
  • In Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, both Claire and Steve fight Nosferatu in the compound below the helipad. He doesn't expel poisonous gas in this fight, but he does spit a bile like substance at the player if it takes too long to incapacitate him, as well as occasionally attack by using his tentacles to pull a chunk of ice out of the ground and throw it at the player's characters.
  • Blue herbs can't cure its poison, as stated by Alexia Ashford in her journal. For this reason, if Claire is poisoned during the fight, Chris will have to look around the Antarctic base to find a suitable cure for her.
  • Alexander's normal human self only appears in The Darkside Chronicles, in which he had recorded a message to warn anybody who are listening that Code: Veronica is reaching critical stage, and that the Linear Launcher must be used to stop Alexia should she ever mutates out of control. This is also where Alexia directly, sarcastically, regarded him as "a miserable old man".
    • Alexander/Nosferatu's role is more significant. Here, both Claire and Steve (instead of just Claire) find him chained up in the secret chamber roaring. Then they quickly figure out by noticing it was hidden in his office and from photos that he and Alexander Ashford were one in the same. Eventually he manages to free himself and attacks the two at the compound below. Eventually after a grueling battle, they shoot the cut wires holding up a crane, and after tricking Nosferatu to stand in front of it, he is impaled by the crane once it swings down. Like before, Claire and Chris use the Linear Launcher to destroy Alexia, but this time they learn the weapons function through a recorded message from Alexander himself, before becoming a lab rat for T-Veronica. Alexander expresses his fear about Alexia and her obsession with T-Veronica and begs to whoever finds the message, regardless of whether they serve Umbrella or not, to use the weapon to end his daughter's madness and plans of world-domination. Alexia scoffs at this, commenting that even though Alexander had created her and Alfred, he was a miserable old man. Eventually Alexia is destroyed, avenging Alexander's suffering.


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