"It's a Red Jewel that was attached to a Choker."
— Item examination - English
"アレクシアのチョーカーに付いていた赤い宝石 "
— Item examination - Japanese

Alexia's Jewel (アレクシアの宝石 arekushia no hōseki?) is an item in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.


It is the third Ashford family jewel needed to access the hidden part of the mock-up Spencer Mansion in Umbrella's Antarctic Base. It is easily identified by its red twinkle. Setting it in the Ashford family portrait, along with Alfred's Jewel and Alexander's Jewel, opens the secret door to Alexander's lab.


It can be recovered from Alexia's body after she is incapacitated from her first fight with Chris in the mock-up Main Hall.



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