Alexia is an action figure based on the Resident Evil CODE:Veronica character Alexia Ashford, and was manufactured by Palisades for their second series of Resident Evil figures.[1]

Secure file

Palisades secure file - Alexia

Alexia's file.

As with the other Palisades Resident Evil products, the back of the Alexia box has a "secure file" detailing the character. These blurbs are not part of Capcom's canon and may be speculative or take information from other sources such as the WildStorm comics or the S.D. Perry novels.

Subject: Alexia Ashford
Weapons: None
Special Attacks: Mutational Regeneration. Flame Attack.
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown

Alexia is the daughter of the original recipient of the T-Virus, Alexander Ashford. Injected with the virus at an early age, Alexia was placed into suspended animation to allow the virus to slowly integrate itself into her DNA. Recently awakened by her brother in the Antarctic Facility, Subject was apparently destroyed by the S.T.A.R.S. member Chris Redfield after transforming into her final mutant incarnation. Parts of the Subject's remains are as yet unrecovered. Possible mutations and regenerative capabilities are unknown. Any biological materials recovered should be handled with extreme caution!


Palisades Alexia accessories

Alexia accessories.

Alexia stands 6 inches tall and has a ball-jointed head; shoulders; elbows; wrists; knees; ankles and a T-crotch, numbering thirteen points of articulation. The action figure has a replacement head, and its lower half of its waist can be removed so a tail can be attached instead. With the further addition of a pair of wings, the figure transforms from representing her first form to her third.

Alexia's third form has its own articulation. The head is on a ball joint and is capable of moving in multiple directions (albeit the "hair" gets in the way some). The wings rotate at the sockets and can move upward and downward. the outer parts of the wings are on a ball joint and can be posed. Caution should be advised as the ball on this part of the wing aren't the strongest and the sections of wing may fall off. Also of note is that it may take some force to get the wings into the arm sockets. Finally the tail is able to rotate slightly at the waist and the rest of the tail is made out of a posable plastic with a metal rod inside.

Alexia also comes with a stand for posing her first form. This will not work with her Third Form and there is no way to stand it upright. It should be noted that due to the figure's first form's design she cannot seem to stand on her own power. If one wishes to purchase this figure loose they need to make sure at least the stand or another stand of some kind is included if they wish to display this figure. The main issues for her being unable to stand are her small feet, and the way her left foot is positioned.



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