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"Thanks to you, Veronica's angry, which makes me stronger!"
— Alexia to Chris and Claire Redfield[2]

Alexia Ashford (アレクシア・アシュフォード Arekushia Ashufōdo?) was a member of British nobility, coming from the Ashford family. The adopted daughter of Dr. Alexander Ashford, 6th Earl Ashford, her real parentage was the result of a cloning experiment referred to as Project CODE: Veronica, and was biologically the daughter of Veronica Ashford, 1st Countess Ashford. Through her grandfather, Dr. Edward Ashford, 5th Earl Ashford, she was able to gain a position as a virologist within Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, an enterprise he co-founded.


Early life[]


Alexia at twelve years of age.

Alexia and her brother Alfred, the future 7th Earl Ashford, were born around 1971 to an unnamed surrogate mother as part of Project CODE: Veronica. The project, led by Dr. Alexander Ashford, involved obtaining DNA from the embalmed body of his ancestor, Veronica and creating a genetically modified clone. The purpose of it was a vanity project intent on restoring the family's reputation with a child comparable to Veronica, whose intelligence was renowned, and prevent Dr. Oswell E. Spencer, Lord Spencer from taking full control over the corporation should Dr. Edward Ashford die.[3] Whereas Alexia's genius intellect fulfilled all of Dr. Ashford's expectations, the higher-than-average Alfred did not compare, perhaps due to having been the result of a freak error during the cloning process intended solely to create Alexia.[4] Nonetheless, both were raised by Dr. Ashford at his home under the Antarctic Base.

At the age of 10, Alexia graduated from a prestigious university and was employed by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals as one of its virologists.[5] Isolated from other scholars by her young age, and from children by her intellect, Alexia's only comfort was her brother, Alfred, having already developed a loathing of her father as another member of the "ignorant masses".

T-Veronica Foundations[]


Alexia in cryo-stasis.

In February 1983, sometime around her twelfth birthday, her brother Alfred told her about a secret room in the Antarctic Base, at which she was working at the time, and told her he needed her family gemstone, a large ruby inside a silver choker, to open it. Offering it to him, she aided him in opening the secret corridor. Once inside, the twins learned the complete truth about their creation, and both grew immensely hateful of their father.

Capturing him in March 1983, they used him as a test subject for the t-Veronica virus that she had created by binding together the Progenitor Virus and the remnants of an ancient virus found within a queen ant. Since her father didn't have any preparation beforehand, the experiment turned Alexander into the insane monster known as Nosferatu.

Taking notes on her father's progress, Alexia discovered certain flaws in her virus and planned to inject herself with her own affliction to become a superior being. Using the data she had obtained from her progenitor, Alexia discovered a way to harness the full power of T-Veronica without any side effects: by having herself put into cryogenic suspension for fifteen years while the virus, slowed by the ultra-low temperatures to a point where it would not destroy her tissues through overly rapid mutation, matured within her unconscious body. In December 1983, she assigned Alfred to protect her and carry out her will while she was inactive, and proceeded to enter the cryostatic state.


Alfred and Alexia awake 2

Alexia newly awakened.

A decade and a half after this, she awoke with the first sight of her new stage being the death of her brother (whose body she cradled in her arms) who had activated the thawing process mere moments prior to his demise. Now in full control of her virus, Alexia sought to begin her plan of dominion over the world as its queen, and using her newfound powers, she remotely controlled one of the massive tentacles resting below the Antarctic Base to destroy the escape vehicle of Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside.[6] Also, she captured Claire and Steve for the purpose of subjecting them to her experiments and to make them pay for killing her brother.

The following content only occurs in the Darkside Chronicles retelling of the story, "Game of Oblivion".

Annoyed at Alfred's apparent lateness in awakening her, Alexia quickly kills him and childishly brushes aside her fratricide.
Alexia's first transformation

Alexia transforms to fight Wesker.

She imprisoned Steve in a Coliseum with suits of armor and repeated the experiment that mutated her father, only with her own derivative of the mutant strain. Later on, she appeared to confront Albert Wesker in the replica of the Spencer Mansion under the Antarctic ice.

Chris vs Alexia

Chris vs Alexia.

There, she first evolved with the Veronica strain into the first step of what, she envisioned, was true godhood, shedding her human skin and hair and turning into a powerful mutate, that greatly resembled her human stage with gray skin, darkened vessels and arteries, and chitinous growths covering her body as a form of rudimentary armor. She also controlled her body's blood (which by then had acquired flammable properties, usable through bloodshed) and her head forms a skin-like hair with a short fringe on the right and long to the left. She and Wesker engaged in a brief fight, Wesker quickly found Alexia impervious to any physical blows he could launch, and thus retreated and left Chris Redfield to fight Alexia, who soundly defeated her.[notes 1]

In the Darkside Chronicles, the color of her mutation become pale blue and her gray skin becomes darker and gains long spikes in each side of her head instead of being a short and long single fringe in each side.


Alexia's Death (2)

Alexia's Death.

Weakened by her first defeat, she once again attacked Chris by fusing with one of the Veronica mutant breeder pods, creating countless imperfect larvae to attack him along with her tentacles, fire, and insect-like appendages. Despite this, she was beaten once again. However, Alexia was not finished yet however; as she responded by evolving further by ordering the insects that lay below the platform to cover her, then she shed the carcass of the breeder pod and became a giant dragonfly-like monster using the Ants, capable of spewing great amounts of flame and absorbing all gunfire. Nevertheless, Chris managed to destroy Alexia with an experimental weapon called the Linear Launcher, thus ending the Ashford family line.

Appearance and Wardrobe[]

Prior to her mutation due to being in cryogenic sleep, Alexia has long back-length blonde hair and blue eyes.

She wears a long dark purple short-sleeved dress with a violet at the edge of her sleeves and the extended skirt of her dress. She also wears long white gloves and a black choker with a red jewel as her pendant and walks in black shoes, which she removed before transformation. During her first transformation her clothes burn off as her skin turns grey with dark roots covering her right arm, left leg and the right side of her face leaving her chest and midriff bare; her eyes are golden yellow in her first transformation.

In Darkside Chronicles during Game of Oblivion, Alexia has an updated appearance during the real-life cutscenes. Her blonde hair becomes medium-length instead of long back-length and her short-sleeved dress is now fully violet instead of dark purple and violet and the choker is replaced with a long gold necklace with a pendant. She also wears three bracelets on her left wrist while wearing her long gloves.

Family tree of the Ashford dynasty[]

Unknown parent
(modified clone)
(modified clone)


  1. Exactly how the fight transpired depends on the version of Code Veronica. In the original game, Alexia manages to effortlessly knock away Wesker twice, thus forcing him to flee from the room in awe of her power just as Chris emerges from hiding behind the stairs. In the remake Code Veronica X, Wesker, after being hit, manages to recover quickly, express confidence in capturing her, as well as managing to land a punch on her face, then notices Chris after dodging a flame blast, but then gets his arm burned, having Chris take over in fighting her while he retreats.
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