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Alexia Ashford official concept art

Concept art, dated 27 January 1999

  • Early in the game's development, Alexia's name was instead "Hilda".[1]
  • Alexia's final form and destruction mimics her and Alfred's torture of the dragonfly, as shown in the filmstrip in Alfred's trophy room early in the game. Alexia refers to the mass of humanity as "ants" in her journal, and Chris must reassemble a dragonfly to form the key to the Antarctic facility's reactor room; thus, the dragonfly regains its wings. Metaphorically, Alexia's final form resembles a dragonfly, yet she is slain by Chris, who she considered as "an ant."
  • In the novelization of Code: Veronica written by S.D. Perry (based on the first version of the game), Alexia is depicted as a megalomaniac with delusions of goddesshood, considering all lifeforms beneath her. She only undergoes the first and second stages of her mutations, perishing after Chris succeeds in blasting off her two lower wings and then directs a blast from the Linear Launcher into her abdomen.
    • In addition, the same novelization also gave her psychic powers, with even Albert Wesker being disturbed by her powers where she managed to not only projects her image on Rockfort Island, but also manages to deduce that an Umbrella agent is on the island.
  • In Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Alexia is a much darker character. She kills Alfred simply because he didn't wake her up on time, in contrast to her original appearance in Code: Veronica, wherein she instead cradles Alfred's body and sings to his corpse. In large part because of this, she also ends up recapturing Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside (as well as infecting the latter with T-Veronica) for no real reason besides the fact that they simply were present in Antarctica, instead of doing so out of revenge for their role in Alfred's death. She also displays a much more talkative and less serious personality, light-heartedly mentioning Alfred's murder, taunting and giggling at the Redfield siblings even as they shoot at her, and referring to "Veronica" as if it was a separate entity with a mind of its own, e.g. "Thanks to you, Veronica's angry, which makes me stronger". Overall, the personality chosen for The Darkside Chronicles fits with a shallow, spoiled young girl with severe delusions of grandeur; this choice has been controversial, with some fans feeling that this change markedly deviates Alexia for the worse, while others believe that it matches up perfectly with her background as an aristocratic, hugely narcissistic child prodigy. However, this depiction of Alexia should arguably not be considered canon, as The Darkside Chronicles, along with The Umbrella Chronicles, is simply a resumed version of the storyline. Alexia's depiction in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica is the one that should be considered canon.
  • She seems to have had some sort of rivalry with William Birkin. In one of the EX files in the N64 port of Resident Evil 2, a note comments that a problem at the Antarctic Facility has caused massive damage. The note goes on to assure Birkin that he need not worry, "the Ashfords' reputation" is irrecoverably tarnished. Their rivalry was further alluded to in the remake of the first Resident Evil, in which Birkin writes how his discovery of the G-Virus will allow him to surpass Alexia.
  • Her second mutation in Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles marks the only moment where Alexia directly addressed her disgust towards Alexander Ashford by regarding him as "a miserable old man."
  • She is briefly mentioned in Wesker's ending in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Here, she is mentioned as an experiment gone right, in sharp contrast to Lisa Trevor.
  • Interestingly, if one hacks the Linear Launcher into the single player game before being abel to obtain it and attempts to use it on her second form, it will instantly kill Alexia as if it was her third form.


  1. Excerpt from BIOHAZARD CODE: Veronica Kanzenban Kaitai Shinsho, page 275:
    "狂気を秘めた冷たい微笑みが印象的なアレクシア。 「Hilda(ヒルダ) 」とは開発初期の名前で、 この段階から双子の兄と似た響きの名前をつけられていたようだ。"
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