Alexia Ashford is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


This file is awarded after beating "Game of Oblivion 7" on Normal.


The brilliant scientist and artificially created daughter of Alexander Ashford, the sixth-generation head of the Ashford family. Though Alfred and she were twin brother and sister, their relationship was quite unequal. He treated her with the utmost love, while she lorded over him as a master might a slave. When Alexia was 10, she was hired as a research scientist at the Antarctic laboratory. She surprised the other scientists by conducting research on the T-Virus and simultaneously working on a new strain referred to as the T-Veronica virus. But when the research reached a critical point, Alexia did the incomprehensible. This girl, who was born with a heart of pure evil, forcibly used her father Alexander in an experiment and injected him with the virus. The experiment was a failure, ending with Alexander being transformed into a hideous monster, but for Alexia, it was important stage and opened new avenues of research for her. When her research approached its final stage, Alexia decided to use herself as a test subject, this time, injecting herself with T-Veronica. After doing so, she placed herself into a cryogenic sleep. The outside world was told that she had died during an experiment.






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