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Further notes
  • In an early version of the story, his original name was Hilbert Krueger.[1]
  • Coupled with his residence, the fact that he cross-dresses as a female whom he idolizes could be a reference to Norman Bates, from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.
  • While it appears odd for a family of Earls to each be referred to as "Sir", this can be explained as a localisation issue resulting from the differences in British and Japanese honourifics.
  • In Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Ashford's role differs from what was shown in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica:
    • While in CODE: Veronica, Alfred had a strong and reciprocal relationship with Alexia; in Darkside Chronicles, Alfred serves his sister in anyway, but she seemed to have an aversion to him.
      • In addition, Alfred's appearances in Darkside Chronicles are used to ridicule and portray him as a useless child, living in the shadow of his sister and constantly extolling his family name.
    • When cross-dressing in CODE:Veronica, Alfred simply reuses his sister's model, minus her choker; in The Darkside Chronicles, Alfred dons a unique model when dressing as his sister, featuring masculine features and the addition of a corset to give his body a feminine look.
    • Although Alfred is shown to suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder in CODE: Veronica, in Darkside Chronicles, he, like his sister, acts like immature and capricious children.
    • In CODE: Veronica, Alfred woke Alexia of her hibernation due she felt he was dying. Already in Darkside Chronicles, Alfred wakes up Alexia because he was unable to stop Claire and Steve's progress, not caring that Alexia was in hibernation.
    • In The Darkside Chronicles, Alexia strangled him to death with Veronica tentacles, in sharp contrast to CODE:Veronica, in which he died in her arms. Her only remark on this fratricide was an off-handed comment that "he wasn't much fun; he couldn't even wake me up on time!"
  • When taken by Alexia's personality, Alfred's voice changed into a feminine voice after he dresses as his twin sister until he changes to his normal voice after he is mortally wounded by Steve. His voice is still voiced by a male voice actor.


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