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This is a page for notable quotes of Alfred Ashford, 7th Earl Ashford.

Resident Evil CODE:Veronica[]

  • "Redfield, how dare you interfere with my operation."
  • "You don't fool me! I am Alfred Ashford, commander of this base."
  • "How dare you! The Ashford family is among the world's first and finest, my grandfather is one of the original founders of Umbrella Inc. Now tell me, why have you attacked this installations?"
  • "Unacceptable! How can you deny it, my base has been destroyed, and thanks to you the experimental t-Virus was released, creating countless zombies and monsters....Tell me, who do you work for? Who sent you!"
  • "Welcome Claire, consider the area you're in... a special playground I have prepared just for you. Please try and keep me amused and do not disappoint me by dying to soon. I so want to enjoy this."
  • "Now that your knight has made his appearance, he can join you in your descent into death..."
  • "I am aware of that Alexia. I will revive the family name myself and make you the master of the glorious Ashford family."
  • Claire Redfield, hold it right there. We meet each other at last, a pity I must say good-bye so soon. I am Alexia Ashford for the pride of the Ashford family, I will kill you!"
  • "I will not allow you fools to escape! This is what you get for trying to oppose me! Now feel my revenge!"
  • "This game is not over yet! Now you will see what real terror is all about."
  • "Think again, Claire. I shall enjoy watching you shriek in agony."
  • "I won't forget about this, Claire... Alexia... Alexia... You're finally...awake. A...Alexia..."

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles[]

  • "I am Alfred Ashford. Son of Alexander Ashford!"
  • "Why have you come to disturb us!? Was it you!? Was it you who spread that wretched virus across my island!?"
  • "Fools... She's only just now returned to me. Why would I want to leave!?"
  • "She always did enjoy playing games. And she has come up with the most splendid game for us to play!"
  • "If you survive our challenge... I will personally present you with a getaway plane as your prize! Ready!? Let the game begin!"
  • "Forgive me, Alexia. I thought I could finish them alone. Awaken from your slumber. And bring forth the great Veronica!"