Alfred Ashford is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


Commander of the base on Rockfort Island and son of Alexander Ashford, the 6th generation head of the Ashford family and chief executive officer of Umbrella Corporation. He graduated from a well-regarded British university in 1993 and was given control over the Antarctic and Rockfort Island bases. Although he was given control of such important Umbrella facilities, he squandered his responsibilities by using the island for his own private torture facility. He also had a strange obsession with adorning the base with military collectibles. To Umbrella, Alfred was an encumbrance; nothing more than a petty dictator attempting to emulate greatness that was far beyond his reach. With no one to counsel him, his mental breakdown accelerated as he spent his days obsessing over the restoration of his family's power.

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