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Alice (2012-2012) was a cloned human born in 2012 as part of a bio-weapons research project. Created at Umbrella Prime, she was derived from stored DNA of her namesake, herself a cloned human. Many of these donors were Umbrella employees, with the first batch of clones deriving from only fifty donors.


As was standard at Umbrella Prime, Alice was created to serve the task of being a civilian casualty during an upcoming T-virus outbreak simulation geared towards its prospective use on civilian targets. These simulations were routine and were performed endlessly and autonomously for over a decade after a pandemic had ravaged the Earth.[1][2]

Not long after her 'birth', Alice woke up in bed in a house in the "Suburbia" simulation zone, where she had been given limited memories of being part of a family, with a husband named Todd and daughter named Becky, both created from other DNA in storage.[1]

While having dinner, Majini Undead were released into Suburbia and began attacking the civilians. When Todd was ravaged by an Undead, Alice and Becky were forced to flee upstairs to hide from the attackers, first entering the attic, and then slipping back down to the bathroom and out a window. While running out into the streets, the two were almost killed by Rain, who believed herself to be the owner of a Prius. The two were offered a ride to escape, but their journey was short-lived when the Prius collided with a dustbin lorry. Believing Rain to be dead, Alice took Becky into a nearby house and hid her 'daughter' in a closet while she fought off another Undead. Though she was successful in impaling the man, Todd - now an Undead - ran into the house and killed her. Soon after Alice's death, the simulation ended, and within hours her body was discovered by her donor Alice.[1]

Further notes

  • Unlike the Alice clones in Extinction and Afterlife, this clone displayed none of the powers Alice once possessed after being injected with the T-virus. Presumably the DNA template she was cloned with came from before Alice's injection unlike the other clones Alice encountered.


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