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This clone of Alice was a test subject created for a Suburbia simulation inside of Umbrella Prime.


Alice woke up and went to have breakfast with her husband Todd and daughter Becky. As the three discussed their plans for the day, Majini Undead invaded the house, biting Todd. Alice and Becky managed to escape to the attic and eventually out the bathroom window where they found their "hometown" overrun by the Undead. The two were nearly hit by a Prius driven by Rain who gave them a ride until they were hit by a garbage truck. Believing Rain to be dead, Alice and Becky fled into a nearby house where they hid in a nursery before a Majini Undead found them. Telling Becky to stay hidden, Alice attacked the Majini Undead to protect her daughter, eventually throwing him over a balcony railing, resulting in the Majini Undead being impaled on the bannisters below. Alice then encountered Todd and was relieved at first until she discovered her husband had been transformed into a Majini Undead as well. Todd attacked and killed Alice.

Hours later, while passing through Suburbia, the real Alice and Ada Wong found the house where the Suburban Alice had died in and noted movement in the upstairs window. Investigating, Alice found the body of her clone and realized that the Umbrella Corporation was using clones of herself. Ada confirmed this, telling Alice she was one of the "fifty basic models" who were used as Umbrella test subjects inside Umbrella Prime. The two then located Becky who had survived due to her mother's sacrifice and mistook Alice for her dead clone.

Further notes

  • Unlike the Alice clones in Extinction and Afterlife, this clone displayed none of the powers Alice once possessed after being injected with the T-virus. Presumably the DNA template she was cloned with came from before Alice's injection unlike the other clones Alice encountered.


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