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Alice Abernathy was a survivor of the 2002 global T-virus pandemic. A former member of the Umbrella Security Division, she was enhanced by the T-virus in October 2002 and sought to use those powers to eradicate the leftovers of the corporation.


Early life

Alice grew up in Columbus, Ohio,[1] the daughter of an Italian woman named "Ferrara".[2] As a teenager, Alice first learned martial arts in her home city, where her Sensei taught her the values of entering trance-like states during a conflict.[3]

In the 1990s Alice was an employee of the US Treasury Department. One day while walking down a street in Washington, D.C. she was attacked by a mugger. While she successfully fought him off, he managed to cut her left shoulder with a switchblade. Due to the constant pain, she was unable to use her arm, which was an inconvenience given her left-handedness.[4]

Umbrella employment

Being unable to be promoted through Secret Service due to sex discrimination, she accepted Umbrella's offer and left in 1997. In training for the Umbrella Security Division, she proved her abilities by injuring the trainer, Martinez.[1]

By 2002, Alice had become a senior member of the Security Division and was assigned to be Head of Security at Raccoon City's "Hive" facility.[2] For the first three months of her new assignment, Alice and the new Percival "Spence" Parks were to appear as a married couple to keep away any intrigued Foxwood Heighs locals from trespassing. Living in a large mansion, Umbrella thoroughly organized the house's library to contain their favorite works and keep her entertained during this dull period.[1]

During this period, Alice became friends with an Umbrella employee, Lisa Broward, who was at the time assigned residence in The Hive. Bored of mansion work and her semi-sexual relationship with Spence, Alice ran a background check on Lisa and deduced she was working to bring down the company from the inside as retribution for a friend's death. Having discovered that the T-virus - a regenerative serum for pharmaceuticals and anti-aging cream - was being re-developed for weapons research, she offered to provide Lisa with a sample.[2]

Hive outbreak (2002)

Raccoon City (2002)

Global outbreak (2002)

Survival and Las Vegas (2002-2007)


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