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"Hey, boys? Is that any way to treat a lady? "
— Alice Clone to Umbrella soldiers after the death of her counterpart.

The Alice clones are perfect clones of the original Alice They were created for several purposes with some being test subjects for Umbrella Prime and others retaining all of the original's physical and psionic abilities. These clones were specifically created to derive a strain of the t-Virus to reverse the ravenous effects of the original virus in the undead by increasing their intelligence.


In his research for a way to pacify the massive undead population swarming the globe, Dr. Alexander Isaacs created a multitude of clones of Alice. Using their blood, Isaacs devised a serum that was supposed to increase the intelligence of the undead test subjects. However, while the serum did succeed in temporarily increasing the undead's intelligence, it actually increased their ferocity and the strength of their t-virus infection.

Known Clones

Clone #86

The first clone seen in the film. She woke up in the bathtub, just as Alice did years before, wandering through a replica of the Spencer Mansion and The Hive. She survived the laser room, and made it all the way to the end of the test grid, a recreation of the hallways of Raccoon City Hospital, where she was killed by a Bouncing Betty. Her body was then dumped onto the surface.

Clone #87

Dead Alice

Clone #87

Clone #87 was engineered as part of Dr. Isaacs' attempt to treat the millions infected with the T-virus, having theorised that Alice was a perfect test subject for developing new treatments. Without access to Alice, he resorted to creating a number of clones to replicate her. As a side-project, he intended for each clone to become a potential replacement to her, thus forcing #87 to go through a laser grid and booby trapped corridors to test her reflexes. Eventually she was killed in a recreation of the Raccoon City Hospital by a Super Undead.

Clone #88

Woken during the fight between the original Alice and the mutated Dr. Isaacs, the clone apparently died in Alice's arms after being freed from suspended animation; She revived in time to deactivate the lasers in the testing ground after they slice Issacs to pieces, saving the real Alice seconds before they kill her too. The clone is present with Alice as the other clones begin to wake up from suspended animation.

Dead Clones

Dead Alice Clones 2

Dozens of dead Alice clones in a ditch.

Dozens of dead clones are also seen in a disposal ditch on the surface, near the entrance to the underground lab. When Alice discovers them, she appears to remember them as they died at the hands of the obstacles in the underground facility mock-up of Raccoon City Hospital. Presumably, there are eighty seven dead clones in all, as Clone #86 was the first activated and died, along with Clone #87.


Alice 62

An Alice clone as she attacks Umbrella soldiers.

In Resident Evil: Afterlife, Alice leads an army of clones into the Umbrella's underground facility in Tokyo. At least one of the clones in the film show the original Alice's physical and mental powers, notably telekinesis. The group encounter an impressive force of soldiers, defeating them with little or no trouble despite their losses.

At least two clones are able to reach Wesker before they are killed. The final clone he executes manages to set off two grenades, setting the entire facility on high alert. The remaining clones are killed when Wesker blows up the Tokyo facility after he escapes, unaware that the real Alice is on board with him. None of the Alice clones survive the blast as the facility is completely destroyed.


As part of simulations with the T-Virus and Las Plagas parasite, in the Umbrella Prime facility, the Red Queen manufactured more clones of Alice which are part of the fifty basic models of people used for the simulations. According to Ada Wong, they only get a basic imprint of memory and are dropped into various situations with various jobs. Unlike the original clones of Alice, these don't seem to posses her powers.

Alice (Suburban Housewife)

Alice carlos clones

Clones of Alice and Carlos in the suburban area of Umbrella Prime.

This Alice clone woke disoriented in the home she shared with her husband, Todd (A clone of Carlos Olivera), and their daughter Becky. Already late to deliver her daughter to school, Alice's home was overrun by Majini Undead and her husband killed.

She escaped with Becky to the streets where she was rescued by activist neighbor Rain Ocampo. A short time afterward their car was struck by a truck and overturned. They escaped into a nearby home and hid. Overwhelmed, Alice attacked and killed one of the undead only to be killed by her infected husband. Her body was later found by the real Alice and Ada Wong and Becky was taken in by Alice who adopted her as her own daughter.

Inactive Alice Clones

Hundreds of deactivated and unprogrammed clones were under production at Umbrella Prime. They were destroyed by Alice during her escape from the base with Becky.

The Final Chapter

After Alice is captured by a clone of Dr. Alexander Isaacs, she is shown a cabinet full of decapitated Alice clone heads. Isaacs indicates that all of these dead clones had also opposed him and Umbrella before they were killed.

While meeting with the real Dr. Isaacs, Alice learns that she herself is in fact a clone of Alicia Marcus.


Further Notes

  • In a deleted scene for Extinction, the White Queen reports that one clone was killed in the laser tunnel; Dr. Isaacs suspects the intelligence in the clones worsens as they go on.
  • Given the decapitated Alice clone heads in the Umbrella tank in The Final Chapter, Alice clones existed that fought Umbrella like the original but with much less success.
  • The original Alice is in fact a clone herself, making these Alice clones, clones of a clone.

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