Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, otherwise known as Alice in Wonderland, is an 1865 novel by British author Lewis Carroll. In adaptations, it is commonly merged with its sequel novel, Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, otherwise known as Though the Looking Glass (1871). The two novels were heavily referenced in Resident Evil. According to a commentary track for that film, Anderson instructed the actors to understand their roles by way of Wonderland characters, though would make the references less blatant in later drafts.


  • The main character is named Alice. In the final script her name is not said out loud, though Milla Jovovich is credited as "Alice" in the end credits. The AI security system which impedes the team's escape is the Red Queen. A counterpart AI known as White Queen was referenced in early scripts, but finally appeared in Resident Evil: Extinction. Spence takes on the role of the Cheshire Cat.
  • Carroll's Queen of Hearts would often bark "off with her head!". The first victim of Anderson's Red Queen's laser corridor was beheaded. The Queen of Hearts and Red Queen are often mistaken as being the same character.
  • The Arklay mansion featured at the start of the film is otherwise known as the "Looking Glass House", which also a location in Through the Looking Glass. In the films, Alice must pass through to get to The Hive, which takes the role of Wonderland from the first novel.
  • Lisa Addison  is killed by an "Alice in Wonderland" paperweight.

Video games

The Bandersnatch and Jabberwock S3 get their names from creatures mentioned in the novels.


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