Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Alisa Lin (アリサ・リン Arisa Rin?) was a student at Marhawa School, a prestigious institute in Asia. Vice President of the student council in her senior years, she was caught up in the C-Virus outbreak that took place there in 2012.


Early life

Lin was raised at the school from an early age and, like many students, knew little of the outside world. Due to the school's isolationist views, it was rare for students to transfer to the academy during secondary education. In her senior years, Lin showed bullying tendencies, and she and her friend Ra-Na Bae targeted Nanan Yoshihara because of her father's income. After Yoshihara started fighting back, Lin used her position to try bribing Bindi Bergara, the student president, to cover-up the bullying.

Marhawa Desire

In 2012, Dr. Carla Radames, chief researcher on the Family's C-Virus Project, looked to Marhawa School as a testing site for their bioweapon. The disappearance of Yoshihara, infection of Bae and the murder of third student forced an investigation by BSAA advisor Dr. Doug Wright, though the students were not allowed to be told anything of what was going on.[1] Lin took a liking to Dr. Wright's nephew, Ricky Tozawa. In the night, she decided to pay him a visit in his room, but was confronted by Yoshihara on the way and infected with the C-Virus. Mutating into a Zombie within minutes, Lin continued on to Tozawa's room, where she bit him on the shoulder.[1][2]

Alisa Lin attacks an unsuspecting Ricky Tozawa.

Lin was restrained by the school security and was taken to the school's abandoned club house, where the security team began hacking at her with an axe, which failed to kill her. She and Bae were covered with petrol and set on fire.[2]


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