Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Alisa Lin was the Marhawa Academy's student council vice president.


Early life and before the Marhawa incident

Alisa was raised at the school from an early age and knew little of the outside life. Due to the school's isolationist views, visitors and newly enrolled students after Primary education age were rare.

She was the leading bullies of Nanan Yoshihara because of her father was not a rich man anymore. She was responsible of the soil of Nanan desk and when Ra-Na denunciated her, Nanan threaten Alisa to kick her face if she continue bullying her.

Alisa didn't take the threat seriously and sent some of her henchman to beat her to the ground, they were surprised when Nanan take the upper hand and manage to defeat her aggressors not without being severely injured. Alisa later tried to bribe the Student's Council President Bindi Bergara for not telling anything about this aggression.

Marhawa's Incident

After the incident in which the C-Virus-infected schoolgirl Ra-Na Bee attacked and killed one of her classmate, she served as a guide with Bindi for the BSAA Far East Branch's advisor, Pr. Doug Wright and his assistant and nephew, Ricky Tozawa, whom Alisa took a liking to.

Alisa Lin attacks an unsuspecting Ricky Tozawa.

Later on the night when she was trying to proceed to Ricky's room she was surprised by Bindi and Nanan who infected her with the C-Virus and transformed into a zombie. She managed to reach Ricky's room and bite him while she walking on him during his sleep, he wasn't suspicious as he thought Alisa was flirting with him.

She was captured almost immediately by security and was taken into a basement where she was killed by an axe-wielding individual. She was then taken into an abandoned dormitory, along with the corpse of Ra-Na Bee who was infected three day earlier. Alisa's zombification was covered up, that she must have simply gone for a walk.

Later the dormitory where the corpses Ra-Na and Alisa were stocked is burned into ashes on Mother Gracia's command. When Ricky entered in the burning building and recognize Alisa's corpse because of her cross. He later disposed a pack of flowers on the building's remains in memory of Alisa.


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