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Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game 
Alliance Pack

Resident Evil Deck Building Game: Alliance is a stand-alone expansion that can be played on its own or with the premier pack. Alliance included new weapon, infected, action, and character cards not available in Premier edition as well as a new type of game mode that incorporated using a partner. The Alliance Deck was officially released on April 22, 2011, despite earlier releases in some areas.

Card Nomenclature


List of all Cards of Alliance Pack

CH-000 - Character Cards
WE-000 - Weapon Cards
AC-000 - Action Cards
MA-000 - Mansion Cards
AM-000 - Ammunition Cards
IT-000 - Item Cards

Character Cards

CH-011 Carlos Oliveira
CH-012 Josh Stone
CH-013 Steve Burnside
CH-014 Jack Krauser
CH-015 Hunk
CH-016 Jill Valentine (Brainwashed)
CH-017 Billy Coen
CH-018 Leon S Kennedy
CH-019 Chris Redfield
CH-020 Claire Redfield

Weapon Cards

WE-004 Combat Knife
WE-005 Survival Knife
WE-009 Handgun
WE-010 Burst-Fire Handgun
WE-017 Flash Grenade
WE-018 Grenade Launcher
WE-019 Telescopic Sight Rifle
WE-020 Riot Shotgun
WE-021 Triple Barreled Shotgun
WE-022 Russian Assault Rifle
WE-023 Signature Special
WE-024 Flamethrower
WE-025 Blowback Pistol

Action Cards

AC-013 Partners
AC-014 Star-crossed Duo
AC-015 Great Ambition
AC-016 Archirival
AC-017 Fierce Battle
AC-018 Uroboros Injection
AC-019 Quirk of Fate
AC-020 Cornered
AC-021 Gathering Forces
AC-022 Desesperate Escape

Mansion Cards

MA-018 Time Bonus +1
MA-019 Time Bonus +2
MA-020 Time Bonus +3
MA-021 Combo Bonus
MA-022 Lurker
MA-023 Infected Bat
MA-024 Licker β
MA-025 Duvalia (Las Plagas)
MA-026 Garrador
MA-027 Zombie (Male)
MA-028 Kipepeo (Las Plagas)
MA-029 Albert Wesker
MA-030 Cephalo (Las Plagas)
MA-031 Proto Tyrant
MA-032 Iron Maiden
MA-033 Zombie Horde
MA-034 Nosferatu
MA-035 Los Illuminados Monk
MA-036 Reaper
MA-037 Guardian of Insanity
MA-038 Explosive Barrel
MA-039 Collapsing Floor Traps
MA-040 Laser Targeting Device

Ammunition Cards

AM-001  Ammo x10
AM-002  Ammo x20
AM-003  Ammo x30
AM-004 Treasure

Item Cards

IT-001 Green Herb
IT-002 Red Herd

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