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The Alligator has appeared in four games, appearing in three of which as bosses.

Resident Evil 2

In the Japanese version of the game, the Alligator has a health value of 300,[1] relative to the player's 200.[2] The game was made harder for American audiences, with the values of a creature's attacks being raised; the effectiveness of weapons on them was also altered.[3][excerpt 1]


Note: The following move names and stats are found in the BIOHAZARD 2 Official Guide Book. All stats thus only relate to the Japanese version unless otherwise stated.[1][3]

Attack Japan Ver. damage USA Ver. damage Description
Biting (かみつき Kamitsuki?) 40 60


The below table is based on stats for the BIOHAZARD 2 Official Guide Book. Bracketed numbers represent how many times the player must fire.

Weapon Close-range Mid-range Long range
Combat Knife 10 (30) NA NA
Handgun (normal) 17 (18) 16 (19) 15 (20)
Handgun (custom) 17 (18) 16 (19) 15 (20)
Shotgun (normal) 27 (12) 25 (12) 24 (13)
Shotgun (custom) NA NA NA
Magnum (normal) NA NA NA
Magnum (custom) 31 (10) 31 (10) 31 (10)
Flamethrower NA NA NA
Bowgun 20 (15) 20 (15) 20 (15)
Grenade Launcher (Grenade Rounds) 25 (12) 25 (12) NA
Grenade Launcher (Acid Rounds) 25 (12) 25 (12) NA
Grenade Launcher (Flame Rounds) 31 (10) 31 (10) 5 (60)
Sparkshot NA NA NA
Submachine gun 10 (30) 10 (30) 10 (30)
Gatling gun 18 (17) 18 (17) 18 (17)
Rocket Launcher 110 (3) 110 (3) 110 (3)

The 'Scenario A' character will face the Alligator in a tunnel.

The Alligator can be defeated in Scenario A by simply shooting it (though the monster is really tough), causing it to eventually smash a hole in the wall and escape. A small amount of ammo will appear a little later on. If the Alligator is defeated this way in Scenario A, it will come back again in Scenario B. In this Scenario, shooting the monster until it collapses will finally kill the creature for good.

The other more economical method involves releasing an emergency gas canister which the Alligator promptly picks up in its mouth. When the canister is shot, it explodes, taking much of the Alligator's head with it. Defeating it this way means it can be killed with only one handgun round. Also if the monster is killed this way in Scenario A, it will no longer come back in Scenario B.

Resident Evil Survivor

Resident Evil Survivor Image 05

The Alligator fight is largely the same as the Scenario A Resident Evil 2 fight, only in First Person.

Alligator appears as an optional boss in Resident Evil Survivor, appearing if the player decides to explore more of the sewers. The fight is largely the same as the Resident Evil 2 fight in terms of style.

Resident Evil Outbreak File 2

In Outbreak File #2, the only strategy is to just swim over the area where it lives. If you really need to shoot it, stay on the dry land but close to the water. Alligators eventually will swim to the edge and try to attack you on land. When they try, just shoot them. It will take quite a few shells from the shotgun to take one down, but using the Hunting Rifle will kill any in two shots.

Resident Evil 2 (2019)

The player will only meet the Giant Alligator in the Resident Evil 2 remake at Leon Scott Kennedy's scenario after jumping down on an opening that leads to the sewers and it will eventually chase the player.

The alligator in the remake has a different approach, it is instead more of a timed obstacle than a usual boss. Its only form of attack consists of slowly backing-off before lunging towards the player with its gaping maw to chow them. The player character must move on either the left or right side of the screen while being pursued to avoid its attacks.

After successfully outrunning the alligator and dodging all of its attacks, the player is led to a cutscene where the Gator will bite an fuel canister. The player must shoot the fuel canister to kill it or otherwise, they will be chow down again by the Gator and will result in a game over.



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