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"Help! Somebody Help Me!"

Allyson (died March 2009) was a civilian casualty recorded during the 2009 Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident. Having been attacked by two Majini during a period of racially-motivated violence, Allyson's nervous system was hijacked by a parasitic Bio Organic Weapon and was killed during the BSAA mission when she tried to kill an operator.


Born overseas, Allyson and her boyfriend moved to Kijuju in late 2008.[1] In the aftermath of a civil war, the region was in need of foreign workers at its quarry, which he got a job in. Soon after her arrival, Allyson began to take notice of an increase in low-profile insurgent activity such as the spread of political posters, as well as unexplained animal attacks which left her scared to leave their hotel at times.[2] When she was willing to go out, she would go to a bar frequented by white settlers and foreign workers, where she would meet Adam, another quarry worker of white settler ancestry.[3] At some point in December, Allyson's boyfriend went to work and never came back, though she would be told this was due to him being very busy.[2]

Over the course of January, the political instability in Kijuju became more and more apparent. On 15 January, Allyson and Adam met once more at the bar, where a fight broke out between Kijujuan nationalists aided by insurgents and the foreign workers. Allyson spent the night with Adam to hide from the rioters, but left in the morning to go look for her boyfriend, intent on leaving Kijuju.[4] Over the next few weeks, attacks by the insurgents and their civilian recruits increased but were sporadic, usually attacking only when called to by the insurgent leader. Allyson herself was forced out of her hotel when it was attacked by insurgents, who took out a number of foreign workers to be killed. She escaped their fate, and took up shelter with Adam, who kept her inside at all times.[5][6]

Being stuck in the apartment would eventually take its toll on Allyson, and in the days after the Army sealed Kijuju behind a massive quarantine wall she left him for good, leaving behind a note angry at him for doing nothing to help their escape as she tried to make her way to the quarry to reach safety.[7] Allyson ultimately failed to reach the quarry, and kept in hiding in the city for the next week. On the day of the BSAA entry into the city, Allyson was spotted by insurgents, who chased her down a street and grabbed her.[8] Though her screams got the attention of two BSAA operators,[9] they were unable to reach her in time to stop one of the men forcing a Type 2 Plaga down her throat. The parasite quickly hijacked her central nervous system, and she attacked Chris Redfield as he checked on her.[10] Though no longer in control of her actions, she was shot and killed.[8]


Allyson first appears in Chapter 1-2 as a scripted NPC, where she is grabbed by two Majini behind a fence. They cannot be harmed by gunshots. In her second encounter, she serves as something of a miniboss. Functioning the same as other unarmed Town Majini, Allyson has more health than average. If injured, her head will explode to a Cephalo can emerge and attack the player. She always drop the Ivory relief treasure when killed.


  • The fight should be avoided if the player has neglected to obtain the Ithaca M37 (SG).
  • To keep her from getting closer shoot her in the leg, this will stop her movement and keep her from grabbing you (this only works before the Plagas emerges).
  • Keep your distance because once the Cephalo appears, she will have a long ranged attack.
  • Once the Cephalo appears, shoot it, not her body. The Cephalo is the actual parasite, shooting the body instead will do little to no damage.
  • Once the Cephalo appears she can move and attack at the same time, and now shooting her in the leg won't halt her. Keep a distance.
  • Because of the approaching Majini that will start to appear through each of the two doors leading into the building, dispose of her quickly, or leave to get into a more open space outside.
  • It is possible to kill her without causing her Plaga to emerge. This can be done by using either characters' melee attack when she is stunned in the leg and approaching from behind.
  • While replaying the chapter, it is also possible to avoid the Plaga by using the Stun Rod, a Rocket Launcher, or using a Nitrogen Round with a Grenade Launcher. The Cephalo can also be instantly killed using a Flash Grenade or a Flash Round with a Grenade Launcher.

The Mercenaries Reunion

She appears in Mercenaries Reunion in the Public Assembly stage.

Further notes

  • In the ending credits of Resident Evil 5, Allyson is referred to as "Woman in Trouble", only being named in the Experience Kijuju blog.



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