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"Help! Somebody Help Me!"

Allyson was a woman attacked by several Majini and implanted with a Type 2 Plagas.


Allyson arrived in Kijuju around November with her boyfriend. There, she met Adam, a miner. During a date, a man in sunglasses was complaining in the bar over the foreigners living in the region and the Kijuju natives must drive the "invaders" out. His views led to a bar fight which Adam and Allyson escaped and hid. The next morning, Allyson told Adam that she would be leaving with her boyfriend.

Attempting to escape

While Kijuju began to shift into madness and Adam began to ostracize himself within his home, Allyson returned to him again for protection. Sleepless, fearful about the situation that presented itself and unable to find her boyfriend, she took up residence with Adam. However, as the situation outside began to worsen, the relationship between the two became strained with Allyson becoming frustrated with Adam's seeming lack of interest in their escape. During the night, Allyson escaped into the streets of Kijuju searching for escape on her own leaving a regretful Adam alone with his fears.[1]


After Chris and Sheva heard DeChant calling for backup, they witnessed her abduction. She was thrown on the floor behind a fence as the two watched. She tried to crawl away, but was grabbed from the hair by a Majini and dragged away. Allyson and the Majini disappeared from view by the time that the two BSAA members arrived behind the fence.


Later, she was seen bursting through a balcony door, calling for help only to be pulled back inside by the same Majini who abducted her earlier. The agents hurried up to the building to save her. She fell against Chris, seemingly in exhaustion. As Chris attempted to comfort her, Allyson gripped a strap on his back as the parasite expelled from her mouth reaching toward Chris and wrapping it's petal like lips around his face. Sheva shot at the infected Allyson as she jumped back, evading the bullet and went on to attack the two of them.

She was shot in the head by the two agents, killing her. After her death, a Cephalo-type Plaga erupted from her throat. This was the first Cephalo encountered in the game series and the first that the two agents ever saw. Her body, still controlled by the Plaga continued to attack the two. After the agents did enough damage to the Plaga, it exploded and her body dropped and disintegrated.


Dressing as though of upper or middle class, she had long clean blonde hair, clear white skin and wore a silk dress and sandals. Upon death, she had an ivory relief which you could sell for a high price.


Allyson was encountered in Chapter 1-2 of Resident Evil 5. It was possible to shoot Allyson and the Majini next to her when you first saw them, but the bullets would not affect either of them due to the scripted nature of the event that they are involved in.

She serves as a miniboss, in the same vein as the first Chainsaw Majini and Big Man Majini that will be seen and will be a bit difficult for first time players. She functions exactly like a regular unarmed Majini but, she has more health and has an almost unavoidable chance of sprouting a Cephalo mutation upon being fired at. Once the mutation appears she regains her health (and functions the same as the rest of that type of mutation that will be encountered but still with more health). After encountering her, it is possible to simply move onto the next area. If the player defeats her, she will drop the Ivory relief treasure.

During the encounter, she spawns close to the player and starts off attempting to grab the player right away (usually causing players to shoot and spawn her plaga right there). Also other regular Majini are present and are chasing the player down.


  • The fight should be avoided if the player has neglected to obtain the Ithaca M37 (SG).
  • To keep her from getting closer shoot her in the leg, this will stop her movement and keep her from grabbing you (this only works before the Plagas emerges).
  • Keep your distance because once the Cephalo appears, she will have a long ranged attack.
  • Once the Cephalo appears, shoot it, not her body. The Cephalo is the actual parasite, shooting the body instead will do little to no damage.
  • Once the Cephalo appears she can move and attack at the same time, and now shooting her in the leg won't halt her. Keep a distance.
  • Because of the approaching Majini that will start to appear through each of the two doors leading into the building, dispose of her quickly, or leave to get into a more open space outside.
  • It is possible to kill her without causing her Plaga to emerge. This can be done by using either characters' melee attack when she is stunned in the leg and approaching from behind.
  • While replaying the chapter, it is also possible to avoid the Plaga by using the Stun Rod, a Rocket Launcher, or using a Nitrogen Round with a Grenade Launcher. The Cephalo can also be instantly killed using a Flash Grenade or a Flash Round with a Grenade Launcher.

The Mercenaries Reunion

She appears in Mercenaries Reunion in the Public Assembly stage.

Further Notes

  • Allyson's role had been a mystery stemming from her first appearance in an early image of Chris holding her body as she leans weakened against him. It was highly speculated on her actual role, many believing her to be Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil 2. However, such speculation was denied by Jun Takeuchi as it was stated that Sherry Birkin's appearance in Resident Evil 5 was nothing but a rumor.[2]
  • In the ending credits of Resident Evil 5, Allyson is referred to as "Woman in Trouble".



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