The Altar (祭壇 saidan?)[1] is an area under the Spencer Mansion. It only appears in the 2002 remake of Resident Evil.


At the bottom level of the room is the subterranean tomb holding the remains of Jessica Trevor. The tomb itself is surrounded on all sides by a seemingly-bottomless chasm.


Altar room (11)


The player must pass through it in order to reach the courtyard fountain and
Altar room (15)

The iron gate open

the laboratory, as the elevator from the underground caves to the fountain is no longer present in the remake.

As soon as the player descends the ladder, a short cutscene will play and the final confrontation with Lisa Trevor will begin. Jill will have Barry to help her if she gives him back his Magnum, while Wesker will assist Chris. If the player is going for the good ending as Jill, it is important to not let Barry get pushed off the edge by Lisa. Letting Wesker fall off the edge, unusually, has no effect on the rest of the game.

In order to defeat Lisa the player must push all four stones off the edge of the altar platform while avoiding her. Shooting her with a powerful weapon will stun her for a brief period, but she will soon get up again. If Lisa starts focusing her attention on Barry or Wesker, simply shoot her to get her attention and draw her towards you instead.

With a powerful enough weapon, the player can consecutively stagger Lisa and actually knock her off the ledge. If the player depletes all her 'health' , her grip will fail and she will fall into the abyss; however, they will still have to move the stones to open the gate. 

Once all four stones have been pushed off the edge Lisa will open the coffin, pick up her mother's skull and jump off into the abyss below. The gate to the Courtyard Fountain will then open.

Further Notes

If Lisa attempts to hit the player and misses near one of the stones, she can knock the stone off the platform by herself. 


Location Localization Original Script

A message has been carved into the sarcophagus:

"When the curse of the chains has been broken, the path of truth will appear"

Sarcophagus (After pushing all the chains stone) Inside the coffin is a skeleton.
Iron gate (Locked) An iron gate blocks the path. There must be some way to open it...
Checking on Wesker (Chris) Wesker's got this place covered. Better just hurry on ahead.




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