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"Even I had enough. Just thinking about the column I have to write... Huh. Getting a headache. [...] Thanks, but... I'll pass..."
— Alyssa, after being offered an Umbrella product to treat her headache.

Alyssa Ashcroft (born c.1970) is an American investigative reporter. A former resident of Raccoon City, Ashcroft was one of a handful of humans that escaped the city, and worked to expose the Umbrella Corporation and its link to bioweapons in the city. Ashcroft is regarded for her ambition in getting to the bottom of the story as well as her vanity.


Early journalistic career

Alyssa Ashcroft

In 1993 Ashcroft and her friend Kurt travelled into the Arklay Mountains to investigate rumours a pharmaceutical company was bribing a hospital into illegally testing drugs on patients. During this investigation Kurt was attacked and partially eaten by Dorothy Lester, a hospital patient who had mutated after exposure to t-JCCC203.[2] To cover-up the incident, Dr. Greg Mueller, an Umbrella researcher linked to the trial, performed a procedure on her which suppressed memories of the event. For some time she could only remember that there was an accident of some kind which forced the hospital to close.[3]


"I got a weapon. I'm stoked!"

On Tuesday 23 September 1998, a modified ε strain contaminated Raccoon City's drinking water, causing a viral outbreak in the city. Ashcroft was already infected and in the process of mutating on the evening of Wednesday 24 September, when Zombies attacked Jack's Bar. During one of her attempts to break out of the city, Ashcroft made it into the mountains, where she was lured by the hospital director, Dr. Al Lester, to the hospital, where she discovered the truth about Umbrella and its conspiracy. In the early hours of Thursday 1 October, Ashcroft was finally able to escape the city moments before its destruction by experimental thermobaric missiles, though it is uncertain in what manner she escaped. It is understood, however, that she was successfully vaccinated for her Epsilon infection and did not mutate further.

After Raccoon City

"I'm fully aware of that, thank you very much. It's all about strength. Physical strength."

In the aftermath of Raccoon City, Ashcroft quickly wrote of her experiences in the city in an attempt to destroy Umbrella USA, with an article titled "What is a B.O.W.: Blowing the Lid Off this Horrifying Secret Project." This article was dismissed as fantastical by the US government, however, which instead made plans to cover-up the existence of B.O.W.s for their own ends.[4] In 2016, Ashcroft wrote an article for the Dulvey Daily, a local newspaper based in Dulvey Parish, Louisiana, discussing the mysterious disappearances in the town over the previous two years.[5]

Appearance & Wardrobe

During the Outbreak, Alyssa is a reporter with a "no-nonsense" manner, which suits well with her outfit: short blond hair, closed shirt in red suit and trousers, and brown shoes. It's her trademarked suit that follows most of her time as a field reporter, even during a Flashback.

Alyssa has 4 unlockable alternative costumes:

  • Type B: Street Scene, a jogger set with orange sunglasses.
  • Type C: Midnight Caller, a seductive red dress with black stiletto heels and she has slight resemblances to Alice
  • Type D: Karate Uniform, a white karate gi tied with a black belt.
  • Type E: Victory Road, another type of sportswear set with the exception of a very short bottom and a white cap, instead of the glasses.


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