Further notes
  • There is a glitch involving Alyssa on the "Outbreak" scenario. If the player uses her ad-libs, the game will freeze, and the player will have to reset the console. This glitch does not occur in the PAL versions of Resident Evil Outbreak, and if playing in Lone Wolf Mode on any version, this glitch will not occur.
  • Selecting Cindy as the character in the Hellfire scenario will make it the only time that Cindy meets Alyssa and Yoko as AI partners, as well as making the only time in the first Outbreak where the three females reunite.
  • If Alyssa is not chosen as a character or ally during the "flashback" scenario, she will walk after Al at the start of the scenario and disappear. On Easy or Normal difficulties, she will pause to rest at a dead end in the forest, freely giving her Stun Gun and a First Aid Spray to anyone who passes by. On Hard or Very Hard difficulties, Alyssa will be found lying down near the exit of the maze, and will subsequently awaken as a zombie.
  • After escaping the university in the final countdown in the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario, if the player selects Alyssa as the player (In which case Yoko will be her first partner), Yoko and Alyssa will have a short ad-lib conversation with Yoko asking "Alyssa, are you scared?" to which Alyssa replies, "Of course I'm scared!"
  • After defeating the Elephant or the Lion in the "wild things" scenario, if the player choses Alyssa or Mark as the player, and have the other as a partner, they will have a special ad-lib coversation in which Mark says "You're a strong woman, Alyssa." to which she replies, "Not that you're stronger than an elephant, Mark.".
  • A collection of Alyssa's lines of dialogue can be unlocked in Resident Evil Outbreak and File #2 by collecting all of her special items, and then paying 2000 points.[1]



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