Alyssa and Yoko is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak. It is played at the end of the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario if the characters Alyssa Ashcroft and Yoko Suzuki are left uncured on Online mode. Completing the level with this ending earns the player 50 points.[1] There are two versions of this cutscene, based on which character the player was.


Alyssa Ashcroft (monologue): "And so it is that I stay behind."
"Spreading the virus would be too unconscionable. Even for me."

Yoko Suzuki (monologue): "I cannot leave the city. I'm still infected."
"But, I had a hunch it would come to this anyway."

Alyssa: "Thanks for your help. I totally forgot how to connect to the net."
"My final contribution."
"We win, right?"

Yoko: "Sure."

Alyssa Ashcroft (monologue): 「やっぱり…残るしかない」

Alyssa: 「あなたのおかげで、 助かったわ」

Yoko: 「…ええ」



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