Am I Being Watched?‏‎ is a blog post written by Adam as part of the Experience Kijuju ARG campaign for Resident Evil 5.


Friday, January 9, 2009

I finally got some time off, and I was able to spend the New Year's holidays with my family. As many of you have probably experienced, spending holidays with relatives can either be quite enjoyable or excruciatingly maddening. I was looking forward to just sleeping in, eating, and having a few drinks, but if you spend time with my family, the last thing you get to do is relax.

They kept asking me questions about Kijuju, but the more I told them about life here, especially in regards to recent events, the more they started to look worried or angry. I can't understand why. You tell people about a few dead dogs and they think danger is lurking around every corner. My mom was especially worried, and she just shook her head and begged me not to go back to Kijuju. My father was no better, and told me to listen to her before I made her worry anymore. As much as I hate working, Kijuju is the only place that offers work at a decent wage, and because I keep sending money home, my family is able to enjoy a better life than they could normally. Life ain't easy out here in the sticks. There's hardly any work to be had here, and what jobs are available don't even pay half as well as the mine.

I tried to explain that to them, but they wouldn't hear of it. I didn't even get to tell them about the blonde woman. She's another reason why I want to be in Kijuju, but they wouldn't understand that either.

When I came back to Kijuju, part of me started to feel like my family might have been right. The air was oppressive, if not downright stifling. I hurried to the market to buy dinner, but I felt like someone was watching me the entire time. I turned around and I saw the butcher talking to a man with a turban. It didn't look like they were having a friendly chat, but more like they were discussing something grave. All the while they kept casting furtive glances in my direction.

I don't want to jump to conclusions, but the first time I found that dog, the butcher was nearby. If my memory serves correctly, I'm sure I've seen multiple dead animals in the vicinity of his shop. Maybe he's selling dog and cat meat as a delicacy. And you know what? I'm fine with that. If that's how he wants to make his money, then he's welcome to it. But what if it's more than that? What if he's been spraying graffiti and putting up strange posters? What if he's starting a revolution or something? Unfortunately, there's no one I can tell here. Even if there were, they probably wouldn't do anything about it anyway.

I wonder what my girl thinks about this. (I know she's not my girl yet, but she will be!) I also want to know what you think, so please leave a comment.


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