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"A compressed rifle which fires special rounds."

The Ampule Shooter is a special weapon in Resident Evil Outbreak.


The Ampule Shooter can only be found during the final showdown against Thanatos in the Front square, on the exterior hull of a non-functional Tank. It can only be loaded with containers of Daylight for use against the boss. No matter how much health the Tyrant has, one shot will end the battle; but doing this may sacrifice a good ending.

Outbreak File #2

In Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, George Hamilton carries the Ampule Shooter as is Extra Item, now renamed the Capsule Shooter. He begins each scenario with this weapon in his inventory. It can be used in conjunction with one of his special abilities, firing the various pills he can make from herbs. He can also give it to anyone of his friends.

By loading capsules made with the Medical Set into the weapon, George, or the character who is holding it, can fire "healing bullets" at friends, making their effects stronger. However, the partner being shot with the pill will somewhat receive damage, something that ruins a NO DAMAGE clear.

  • If mixed with an Anti-Virus (Pill), the Capsule Shooter deals 2000HP and instantly kills a zombie with one shot, and deals 1000HP to other types of creatures, making it a very useful option for veteran players. The catch is, it cannot auto-aim on enemies and will auto-aim at allies instead. The player has to manually aim at enemies.
  • Because they are taking a slight bit of damage from the capsule shooter, the AI partners will call for help when taking damage from it.