Ancient Ruins

Jill fighting the stage boss.

Ancient Ruins (古代遺跡 Kodai iseki?) is the fourth stage of Resident Evil 5's "Mercenaries" minigame. Sheva Alomar's "Clubbin" costume will be unlocked upon completing this stage with A-rank or higher. The Research Facility will also be unlocked after completing this stage with a B-rank or higher.



Unlike the Village stage, the Ndipaya usually have Duvalia erupting from their bodies. The Torch Majini is also in this stage.

This is one of the harder stages for gaining points to unlock new parts of Mercenaries, as the horde of Majini are greatly sparsed in comparison to most other stages, meaning you'll spend more time looking for time and bonuses than killing Majini, so the rate at which you increase your score is significantly less than most stages.

Enemies list

The enemies list is derived from the kaitaishinsho guide.[1]




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