The Ancient Village is the first of several stone-crafted townships in the Ndipaya's caves.


Upon entering, a scene will play showing how expansive the area is. In the distance on the structure holding the big lens, there is a BSAA Emblem. This can be seen at a few different points while in the area. After the player drops down, there will be two breakable vases and a Topaz (Square) that can be shot down on the doorway. After the player drops down to the next area, there will be a vase a Spider on the wall. In the room with the hanging bodies, there the partner command can be used to open the sarcophagus which contains 7 boxes of Gold (Large) and there is a spider on the wall. Inside the next room, there is a Emerald (Pear) inside a torch, a spider on the wall, and then two vases in the room after that. Walking to the next area will trigger a Checkpoint. Depending on who crosses the bridge first, a scene will player where the bridge falls and Chris and Sheva become separated, with the one who didn't go first left behind and enemies spawn in the area.

The player left behind will have two vases next to them (before they drop down and cause the enemies to spawn). Below where they have to drop down, there is a Herb (Green) and a Topaz (Pear) inside a torch. Inside one of the tombs, there is a Herb (Green), a Sapphire (Pear) inside a torch, a vase, and Ruby (Pear) on a mummy. The other tomb has a sarcophagus that can be opened with the partner action button that contains a Sapphire (Square), Sapphire (Pear), 4 Gold (Large)s and 2 Gold (Small)s. Near where the other character ended up after the bridge fell there are two vases and another sarcophagus. When opened, the group will open up under the characters and they will fall. A quick time event must be pressed in order to land. After landing, a Checkpoint will be triggered.

Many Bui Kichwa will spawn and many Majini will enter the tomb. The three chests in the area contain an Emerald (Trilliant), a Sapphire (Trilliant), and a Ruby (Trilliant). Walking to the south end will play a scene where the door opens up. There will be many pots and Majini, and a BSAA Emblem above the door in the next area. A Checkpoint will be trigger once the player drops down and walks towards the center of the room. The center switch in the room can be turned with the partner command which will cause the door to open and then slowly close and giant flaming boulders to drop down into the area. Reaching the doorway and stepping on the floor switch will cause the door to stay open and the boulders to despawn. If the player doesn't reach the door in time, they can go back and turn the switch again. The exit door requires both partners to open and leads to the Labyrinth.


Location Action Localization Original script
The hanging bags Investigate Something's hanging here. I don't want to even think what it might be.
The mummies Investigate A mummy inside a sarcophagus... Maybe this place was a burial ground.



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