The Ancient Village is the first of several stone-crafted townships in the Ndipaya's caves.


After observing the Ancient Village upon entry, player (either as Chris/Sheva) must jump down from the top platform. From there, the two can head down once again, eventually until they found the first of the three sarcophagus at the Ancient Village. Chris and Sheva can work together to push it open, and obtain a large number of Gold inside it.

The two would get separated once again as Sheva going across the bridge and being attacked by some villagers. After assuming either Chris/Sheva role, player must battle against multiple horde of majini armed with spears and shield. There's also another sarcophagus located on a small structure, inside containing a golds. Player can proceed to the final sarcophagos located at the far end, where Chris and Sheva will fall as they open it.

The two would fall into a cross hallway, three corridor has a chest containing valuables; Ruby (Trilliant), Sapphire (Trilliant) and Emerald (Trilliant). A Majini armed with flaming torches and the Bui Kichwa will be face here, before reaching the large area. As player approach the large area, a large number of fireballs will be thrown and role around the place. To get out of the Ancient Village, Chris and Sheva must work together to turn the dais which open the large shutter that lead to the Labyrinth. However the shutter will slowly close down once again, player must make haste to reach it.


Location Action Localization Original Script
The hanging bags CHECK Something's hanging here. I don't want to even think what it might be.



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