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Andre Stickland (アンドレ・スティックランド Andore Sutikkurando?) was an American producer known for showrunning the internet urbex series Sewer Gators since its start prior to 2015. He was murdered by Jack Baker while investigating the Baker Family Guest House in 2017.


Andre was committed to researching each location prior to filming. The show had gone through at least one change under Andre's hands, with Clancy Jarvis being brought in as cameraman in mid-2017 following his predecessor's dismissal.

During the preliminary exploration of the Dulvey Haunted House in June 2017, Andre wandered off from Peter Walken and Clancy and was captured by the Bakers. Taken underground he was murdered and propped up against a wall to give the appearance of being alive and standing. His body was found by Clancy, who was recording him and Pete's search of the house prior to his own death.

A month after Stickland's death, his decomposing corpse is found in the flooded shaft beneath the guest house by Ethan Winters.


Andre was more professional than his co-worker Peter Walken, demonstrating a strong commitment to the show and its production. He was also unshaken by the initial sights within the Baker house, to the degree that he was willing to wander off alone. This action led to his demise.


Further notes

  • Andre's corpse can be seen in promotional material released for 2016's TGS, being seated in the Baker family's table. This, however, was confirmed to not be representative of the final game. [1]
  • It is not possible to follow Andre or prevent his wandering and demise; there is an invisible barrier to prevent the player from walking too close to the hallway into which he disappears before the appointed time.
  • Andre's death date has conflicting information. According to the Derelict House Footage, it occurs on June 1, at which point Andre dies, closely followed by Pete who is killed by Mia and Clancy is taken by Lucas. The 21 DLC occurs on a day with the number 3, according to the date, implying that the June 1st date for Pete (and Andre) is correct as immediately following the 21 DLC are the events of Happy Birthday in which Clancy dies.. However, a newspaper in the living room of the Bakers' House claims that "State authorities are asking for help locating three men who went missing during their travels to Dulvey Parish from New Orleans on the ninth of this month" implying that June 9 is the date that Clancy, Pete and Andre were last seen and then entered the Baker house where they were killed.