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Angel Ortiz was a survivor of the Global T-Virus pandemic.



A survivor of the T-Virus infection, Angel is the apparent co-leader of a group of survivors hiding in the Citadel Correctional Facility, the others being Chris Redfield, Luther West, Bennett Sinclair, Kim Yong, Wendell and Crystal Waters. Angel keeps watch on the prison rooftop in the hopes of signaling help from the ship Arcadia, which sits out in the bay. Even after Arcadia ceases to broadcast its transmission, he and Luther keep up the habit of shooting off flares every hour on the hour, praying the ship will send help.

He was the first to spot Alice and Claire Redfield as they flew over Los Angeles, and aided Luther, Kim and Bennett in the effort of slowing the plane down when it landed. When the group discover that the Majini Undead have found a way into the prison by burrowing through the sewers, he reluctantly agrees with Alice's idea to release Chris Redfield from his imprisonment in order to escape. He, Bennett and Kim worked to gain access to an Armored Personel Carrier while the others secured guns and held off the horde at the gates.

Once it is discovered the vehicle's engine was removed, Angel deduces it will take a week to get it repaired. Frustrated, Bennett shoots him in the head at point-blank range, killing him instantly. This betrayal was supported by his selfish desire to escape, with or without anyone else to Arcadia.

Skills and abilities

Angel is the Citadel's mechanic. He is decent with firearms, but is better with mechanical supplies. 

Appearance and wardrobe

Angel wears a green nylon with adjustable velcro straps on the shoulders, nine different size pockets on the front, some filled with wood blocks for effect, three black plastic clips for closure, two back pocket, 'Blackhawk' tactical vest. Under this is a green T-shirt. He has green cargo pants and green boots. His black hair seems slicked back and he has a beard.

Further Notes

  • In the second draft of Afterlife's script, Alice inquires whether or not Angel is military and he confirms, stating he was once with the (fictional) 57th Airborne Division.
  • When Angel first talks to Alice after she steps out of the plane, he mentions that the other survivors were hoping Alice could lead them to "the promised land". This could possibly mean that he has some degree of religious history. (Also supported by the fact that he wears a crucifix around his neck.)
  • When Angel first sees Claire outside of the plane, he can be observed giving her the classic two-fingered military salute. Though Claire does not acknowledge this.


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  1. Resident Evil: Afterlife takes place six months after the events of Extinction
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