Angela's Diary is a novella which serves as a prequel to Resident Evil: Degeneration. Appearing in the form of a journal written by Angela Miller, it describes a number of plot points in the film as well as serving as world-building. Angela's Dairy was only published in two sources: the Japanese DVD box set as a featurette, and the biohazard DEGENERATION Visual & Scenario Archive guide.


The story begins with a diary entry on 11 July 2005. A photograph has been published on TerraSave's website claiming to be of an unethical clinical trial conducted in India. This scandal has gotten the attention of the US government, and TerraSave is prepared to file an appeal to the International Criminal Court if the government should it fail to to launch an investigation or sanction WilPharma. Angela is left confused by the news, wondering why WilPharma would need to conduct their trial in a foreign country to begin with. Thinking on, on 19 July she believes this is became of the ethical considerations of pharmaceuticals. A medical trial would cost $10 billion and ten years advance from animal to human trials to being sold to consumers; moving operations to Asia to take advantage of low labour costs and plentiful human resources would serve to cut as much cost as possible. Angela is concerned about her brother Curtis' growing obsession with WilPharma over this.

On the 26th, Angela heads over to Washington, D.C., using friends' connections to meet with a member of a pharmaceutical company's R&D department. She is told that side-effects in clinical trials are a very rare thing, with the researcher having only experienced it once before. Such an incident would be a heavy blow to a pharmaceutical company, and the researcher suspects a recent contract with the Pentagon is the reason why it was suppressed.

Angela gets a call from the Harvardville Police Department's Chief of Police. WilPharma has been made aware of her investigation and contacted the police to complain, knowing that she is Curtis' sister. Curtis had built a reputation for harassment of the company in his protests against the building of their Air Dome facility on the city outskirts. She writes down later that six university students of Asian heritage have now been arrested over a drunken protest of the company. Harvardville's economy was in a slump in 1995, and owes its success to WilPharma, so people are generally reluctant to criticise it.

Angela writes in September about a memorial service held annually this time of year in honour of a city 100 miles away. It is now seven years since the disaster happened, and Congress is continuing to conduct its independent investigation into what happened, with indications being present that the findings will be kept out of the public eye. Angela gets a call from a friend about the D.C. visit, and considers how someone like Curtis would feel about the non-disclosure of findings.

Angela meets with a representative of TerraSave, who was the Secretary General at the time Curtis was part of it. The man is suspicious of Angela due to her Harvardville police employment, and believes her to be a WilPharma spy. She is unable to get to the bottom of Curtis' obsession with WilPharma.

At the end of September, Angela goes out drinking with fellow SRT police officers as a welcome party for a new member. Bringing up Curtis there, her friend Greg confides that while a radical, he was right to be suspicious of WilPharma. He lost loved ones and believes the WilPharma trial has torn open an old wound.

In October, Angela gets a call from a TerraSave member, who informs her he has seen Curtis at the Savoy Hotel in Chicago. When she goes there, she finds his name is not in the guest registry, though the employees recognise him by a photograph as having recently been at Room 1438. Looking further, Angela finds his contact details were marked down as a false address in St. Louis.

In November, Angela gets a letter from a friend of Curtis from Chicago. He sees Curtis as an idol, and intends to visit Harvardville with some friends soon. Meanwhile, the police are ordered to strengthen patrols in Harvardville due to the growing protests at WilPharma. Rumour has it TerraSave is planning a massive demonstration, as their leaked photograph gets the attention of one of the three biggest network TV stations. Soon it is confirmed it will happen, and is timed to start a week before a pharmaceutical conference.


Note: In the original script, if the dates aren't wrong (except for the month), then the events of this diary started from July instead of August.

I saw the usual photo yesterday.
In the photos published on TerraSave's homepage, it shows the victims of WilPharma's clinical tests conducted in India.
Why did such a terrible thing happen? Why didn't anyone stop it before the damage occurred?
It's clearly beyond the scope of clinical tests. If all of these are true, then WilPharma's actions shouldn't be forgiven. Even if it was legally acceptable clinical tests.
TerraSave has warned on its homepage that it's ready to file an appeal to the International Criminal Court if the U.S. government fails to launch a direct investigation or if it does not impose legal sanctions against WilPharma.
My Dear.
I wonder if I should have listened more to your father's words...
When your father questioned WilPharma, I should've...
I have to know.
Why did WilPharma need to conduct clinical tests in India?
Why do they still remain silent?


The development of medicine cost a lot of money. It also takes a long time.
The researchers will work with chemical substances from scratch, and after repeated animal experiments, only those whose safety has been confirmed are passed on to human clinical tests.
Nearly 10 billion dollars and nearly 10 years---
It's an investment only in anticipation of recovery. However, there's a risk there, naturally.
The lower the risk, the better.
Therefore, it takes nearly 10 billion dollars and nearly 10 years.
It seems that clinical tests conducted overseass are one way to do this.
Especially in Asia. The labor cost was cheap, with abundant human sources, it was written on a certain company's homepage.
But this isn't limited to WilPharma. That's what other pharmaceutical companies are doing.
If there's a little bit of damage in the shadow of each of these clinical tests, WilPharma's bullish silence is convincing.
If this is the common sense of the pharmaceutical industry, we can't blame WilPharma alone.
Or was Curtis convinced of something?
WilPharma is stubbornly closing his mouth. It isn't even talked about it in this town.


I came to Washington DC when I was off duty.
Using the help of some old friend, I was able to meet someone in the department in charge of development at a pharmaceutical company.
He said that during human clinical tests stage, the possibility of severe side effects like WilPharma's to appear in a group is extremely rare.
However, it's not possible to say it can't happen.
In fact, even in the clinical tests he was involved in when he was still a newcomer, there seems to be only one case of death for unknown reason.
He suddenly shut his mouth when he couldn't talk about the details, as a jest, I asked if the medicine was lined up in stores, he smiled bitterly.
It seems that WilPharma is a hot topic in the industry.
It's clear that it's fatal in the sense of the company's survival because such a serious accident has come to light, but there may be other reasons to keep silent.
I've heard for a while, that WilPharma has signed a top secret deal with the Pentagon.
However, this is a story that never got past the rumor level, and it wasn't heard of at all after that.


I came to DC for the first time in a long time, so I stopped by Kato's shop.
As usual, he fired a series of "Store's management is in a precarious state" in poor English.
I met a funny man at the store. Originally from Mexico, his house seemed to be very rich, and he boasted that he visited 132 countries.
Currently, he's working on driving abandoned rental cars back to their designated offices.
He said it's like getting money as he goes around the whole country.
Just in case, I asked if he had seen your father, but he said "No".


I got a call from chief.
Someone reported me when I was sniffing around about WilPharma. I had some rough expectations.
They haven't been pleased with me since your father got on WilPharma and was arrested.
Rather, they don't like the fact that the criminal's sister is within the the police organization.
Even now, I don't want to deal with their childish harassment.
However, if it goes beyond me personally, and it's directed at my subordinates. It's definitely not going to be the same case.
When they joined my team, they laughed and said that they had given up on their promotions long ago. It's okay as it is.
But the higher the rank, the higher the reward. They even have a family. I can't be pleased with it.
I can't live up to their goodwill. Absolutely.
At the time, Curtis urged WilPharma to clarify uncelear points about the research facility.
I still don't think he was at fault on that point. But it's also true Curtis was overdoing it.
Unfortunately, at that point, they took action to arrest him.
If I deny that, I'm not qualified to stay in my current position.


Today, the first arrests came out.
Six college students from the east gathered to accuse WilPharma, and staff at a wood processing shop got into an argument at a liquor table which led to a fight. This town is different from the city.
It my not be fair for the eastern students, but they made the mistake when they tried to accuse WilPharma in this town.
This countryside that was on the decline, WilPharma has brought about an incomparable vibrancy and wealth than it was a decade ago, they're only praised by the residents here.
The city's economy can't be talked about without WilPharma now. No matter how daunting Davis is, he will be sent to Washington again on behalf of the residents in the next election.
The city has changed. Everything about when your father and I were young.
Where is your father now?


The city is being reported on for the first time in a long time.
The memorial service seems to be held again this year. Before the winter starts.
I'm not even allowed to go into the neghborhood town, 100 miles away where I don't even know its name.
As for the city, I hear the Congress is still conducting its own investigation, but we have not been informed of whether the results will be made public.
It's been seven years since then. The days I spent with you in the midst while relaxing still comes back to my mind, as if it were yesterday.
I heard from a dear friend today.
He learned that I went to DC the other day through a mutual friend. As I heard from rumors, he's already a father of three daughters, he settled down completely.
I was told that I should take the past as the past and live in search for happiness myself.
In that sense, I may not have yet taken the past as a the past.
But how do you accept the past when nothing is revealed?
I can't. There's no way I can be convinced.


Today, I took a real estate company to your house. To have an assessment.
But in the end, I quit.
Tonight, after a long time, I'll sleep in your bed like I used to in the good old days.


I was finally able to meet TerraSave people.
It's a man who was the secretary general when Curtis was still in their organization.
I never could stand this guy who gives off an intellectual air, I thought I coulld hear more about WilPharma's clinical tests in India.
But he seems to have mistaken me for a spy or something that was used by the Harvardville police.
He knows that Harvardville city is hard to live in for people who oppose WilPharma.
It's known that it's a closed city.
That's why he misunderstood me, that since I lost my place because of my brother's conduct, I was trying to get information about TerraSave, WilPharma's biggest enemy, in order to recover my honor.
In the end, I left my seat without asking about anything I really wanted to hear.
What on earth am I doing...?


Today, I went drinking with the SRT members for a welcome party for new members.
Greg, who is drunk, always says. Curtis' conduct was a bit radical, but he's right.
If you lose someone important and know that the same mistake may be repeated in front of you, you will do everything you can before you get arrested or not.
In some cases, you'll get into someone you want to talk to directly like him.
Even thought Curtis is remembered by the city as a helpless man who drowns in alcohol and quarrels everywhere, I remember him well myself. Curtis Miller was a splendid doctor.
I didn't talk about it in front of the newcomer, so I cut it off halfway, but I'm glad that there are people who believe me.


This morning, the usual guy from TerraSave contacted me.
He said he saw Curtis. They passed each other by coincidence, but he was certain.
He went into the Savoy Hotel in Chicago.
Unexpectedly, he shouted at him that there was no other place to come back other than here.


Curtis' name was not on the Savoy Hotel's roster.
When I showed them the picture, one of the housekeepers testified that she saw someone who looked like him.
He was staying in room 1438.
Based on her information, I visited the front desk again.
The address written by the man in room 1438 was in St. Louis.
But when I checked with St. Louis, I found out that there was no such address.

I'm chasing an illusion.


I received a letter this morning from someone who was your friend.
A young man named Holest. Do you remember?
In the WilPharma case, he heard the name of "Harvardville" after a long time, and sent me a letter.
He moved to Chicago the year after you left town because of his father's work.
Unfortunately, I didn't know him.
He says that his dream is to become a doctor in the future.
He stated that his goal was to be like your father.
At the end of this year, he'll visit this city with his friends.
Now forget everything, while rereading his letter, and imagining your appearance that I don't know, a fleeting moment of happiness will be tasted.
Good night.


Davis visited the chief.
I don't know what the deal was, but since he ran in with threatening attitude, he must have been annoyingly asking to strengthen the patrols around WilPharma and his own residence anyway.
The city became somewhat restless since the clinical tests were featured in one of the 3 major networks the other day.
Rumor has it that TerraSave is planning a large-scale demonstration.


The meeting continues every day.
TerraSave's demonstration is scheduled a week before the National Pharmaceutical Conference.
Because of that, the chief is very nervous about it.
But the city is as usual, many inhabitants remain silent.
As if we weren't involved...
No matter how noisy the internet or the media is, it doesn't seem to affect the city's residents.
If you shut it off, that's it.
Thanks to that, my work as a police officer ended safely today.
Thank you.
The city is peaceful today.


テラセイブのホームページ上に公開された写真で、 ウィルファーマがインドで行った臨床試験の被害者を写したものだ。
明らかに臨床試験という範疇を超えている。もしこれらがすべて事実なのだとしたら、 ウィルファーマの行いは絶対に許されるべきではない。仮に法的に許された治験であったとしてもだ。
テラセイブは合衆国政府が直接調査に乗り出さなかった場合、 またはウィルファーマに対して法的に制裁を加えなかった場合は、 国際刑事裁判所に訴え出る用意があるとHP上で警告している。
My Dear.


研究者たちがいちから化学物質と向き合い、動物実験を繰り返したはてに、 安全性が確認されたものだけが人を使った臨床試験にまわされる。
それらひとつひとつの臨床試験の影に今度のような被害が少なからず起こっているのだとしたら、 ウィルファーマの強気ともいえる沈黙にも納得がいく。


昔の仲間のつてを使って、 製薬会社で開発を担当する部署の人間に会うことができた。
彼曰く、人への臨床試験の段階で、 今回のウィルファーマのような重い副作用が集団で
実際、彼がまだ新人の頃に携わった治験でも、 いまだ原因不明の死亡事例が、一件だけあるらしい。
詳しいことは話せないと急に口をつぐんだので、 冗談のつもりで、その薬はもしや店頭に並んでいるのではと問うたところ、苦笑を浮かべていた。
あれだけ重大な事故が明るみに出た以上、会社の存続という意味で、致命的であることは明白だが、 沈黙を守る理由は他にもあるかもしれないとのこと。






ウィルファーマを告発しようと集まった東部から来た大学生6名と、 木材加工店のスタッフが酒の席で口論となり
東部の学生たちにとってはいささかフェアでないかもしれないが、 この街でウィルファーマを告発しようとした時点で、彼らには部が悪い。
この街の経済はいまやウィルファーマなくしては語れない。デイビスがどれだけ鼻もちならない奴であったとしても、 彼は次の選挙でもまた住人の代表としてワシントンへ送られるだろう。


あの街に関しては、今もなお、議会が独自に調査を進めているらしいけど、 その結果が公表されるかどうかすら、私たち遺族には知らされていません。
あれからもう7年になろうとしています。うつろい行く時の中で、あなたと過ごした日々は、 今も色あせることなく、まるで昨日のことのように、私の脳裏に蘇ります。
先日、DCに行ったことを、共通の友人を通じて知ったらしい。噂では聞いていたけれど、 彼はもう三人の娘さんのパパで、すっかり落ち着いていました。




昔からインテリ風をふかしたいけすかない奴ではあったが、 彼ならウィルファーマがインドで行った臨床試験に関して、詳しく話が聞けると考えた。
だからこそ、兄の行いにより居場所を失くした私が名誉挽回するため、 目下ウィルファーマの一番の敵であるテラセイブの情報を聞き出そうとしていると勘違いしたらしい。


大切な人を失い、また目の前で同じ過ちが繰り返されるかもしれないと知ったなら、 逮捕されるとかされないとか以前に、自分もできる限りのことはするだろう。
街の人間にとってカーティスは、酒におぼれ、 どこでも喧嘩をふっかけるどうしようもない男として記憶されていたとしても、 自分はしっかりと覚えている。医師として立派だったカーティス・ミラーって男を。
新人を前にして話す話でもなかったので、途中で遮ったけど、 やはり信じてくれている人がいるのは嬉しい。




しかしセントルイスに確認したら、 そんな住所は存在しないことが分かった。


ウィルファーマの事件で、久しぶりに"ハーバードヴィル"の名を聞き、 手紙を送ってくれたんだそうです。
彼はあなたが街を去った翌年、お父さんの仕事の都合で、 シカゴへ引っ越したそうです。
今は何もかも忘れて、彼の手紙を読み返しながら、 私の知らなかったあなたの姿を思い浮かべ、 つかの間の幸福を味わうことにします。


なんの案件だか知らないが、えらい剣幕で駆け込んでいったので、 どうせウィルファーマや自分の屋敷周辺のパトロールを強化しろとかうるさく行ってきたに違いない。


しかし街は相変わらず、 住人の多くは沈黙を守っている。
ネットやメディアがどれだけ騒ごうとも、 この街の住人には影響を及ぼさないようだ。




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