DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of the Anderson films)

Angela "Angie" Ashford is a character in the DeCandido series of novels.[1]


Early life

Raccoon City

After Raccoon

After escaping from Raccoon City in 2002, Angela and the others remained in hiding for some time from Umbrella and U.S. Government agents secretly under their employ. Eventually, the global T-virus pandemic began and Angela, Alice, and the others joined up with other survivors into the "Strike Team", a mismatched collection of survivors journeying across the United States saving as many people as they could from the growing Zomboid legions.

It was during combat with Zomboids besieging yet another survivor enclave that Dr. Isaacs tested his cybernetic control over "Project Alice". Isaacs commanded Alice to return to Detroit (one of the few cities protected from Zomboids and mass upheaval) and bring Angela with her at Chairman Wesker's behest. Upon their arrival, however, Isaacs explained that Angela was of no use to Umbrella's research in finding a permanent T-virus cure, as the strain of T-virus she had within her was an entirely different strain from the one sweeping across the globe. As such, Isaacs ordered Alice to kill Angela, which she did so by shooting her in the head. Angela's death was instant.


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