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"I've been waiting for soooo long... I'd make a much better daughter than Rose! Please, won't you stay with me—forever?"
— Angie

Angie (アンジー Anjī?) was a doll owned by Donna Beneviento. Made for her by her father, Angie was used as a means of coping with her psychological problems. It was used in Cadou research some time after 1996, allowing Beneviento to speak through her as though she were her own person.


Angie was built sometime in the 20th century by the Beneviento's father, who was himself a doll-maker. Beneviento suffered from severe interpersonal anxieties owing to a mental health problem, but through Angie she was able to take on a new persona as the doll and speak to people. After Beneviento herself was implanted with a Cadou parasite sometime after 1996, she had part of the parasite's body surgically removed and planted within Angie. The two Cadou formed together a smaller colony, allowing Beneviento to command the doll to move.[1] Due to Beneviento's hallucinatory abilities, it is uncertain if Beneviento could speak through Angie's Cadou or if this was simple ventriloquism.

Following Ethan Winters' capture, Angie was taken by Beneviento to the Cave Church to oversee his trial. Beneviento remained silent, instead speaking through Angie who taunted the other Lords to get them to fight. In the afternoon, Winters trespassed at the family mansion; expecting this to occur, Angie was placed on a chair with the Legs Flask; Winters himself or the house then suffered a blackout allowing her to steal his weapons and flee. When he returned to the living room Beneviento triggered more extreme hallucinations on him, appearing invisible to him while carrying Angie as though able to fly, while other dolls appeared to attack him. Winters tracked down Angie in the house and began stabbing her with scissors, but by the third stab was really stabbing Beneviento herself. Dying from the head trauma, the Cadou in Angie also became motionless.


Main Game[]

After escaping the Baby and reaching the first floor, Ethan will find Angie lying on the floor in the dining room. Donna Beneviento will appear and animate Angie, who taunts Ethan as several other dolls attack. After fending off the dolls, Angie will challenge Ethan to a "game" of hide-and-seek; he must find and interact with Angie three times to end the sequence and kill Donna. During this sequence, the other dolls around the house will vibrate and giggle with increasing intensity over time; if Ethan takes too long to find Angie, they will attack him and deal a significant amount of damage.

Angie's first location will always be in the second-floor bedroom; after interacting with her, she will flee to the first floor. She has a few hiding spots to choose from, but she will always be sitting on the floor; if Ethan is nearby, she may also snicker audibly. After interacting with her a second time, blood stains will appear around the house that can be used to track down her final hiding place.

After finding Angie the third time, Ethan will pin her to the ground and stab her one more time as the screen fades to white. He will then find himself near the front door of House Beneviento, with Donna's calcifying corpse and a lifeless Angie in front of him. After Donna crumbles away, Angie can be collected as a treasure that can be sold to The Duke as an equivalent to the "Crystal" remains collected from the other three Lords upon their defeat.


Angie also makes an appearance in some levels of The Mercenaries. Interacting with her will lead to the same long animations seen during the main game, but players can completely skip these animations by simply damaging Angie in any other way; regardless, once damaged, Angie will start floating and move to a different location of the area, and will stay still until damaged again. It's possible to shoot her while she is floating in the air.

Angie's health bar is bigger than other enemies; as such, she is considered a higher-tier enemy despite her inability to harm the player. In other to earn a full combo on the areas she is present, Angie must be fully killed; an upgraded F2 Rifle or a Knife with the "Blade Master" and "Masamune" skills stacked will make quick work of her.



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