DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of the Anderson films)

Angus McKenzie was a Raccoon City civilian who worked in an office block along with Marla Maples. The two were caught up in the Raccoon City incident. He was formerly married to a woman named Flora.[1]


Originally from Scotland, McKenzie emigrated to the United States. He was a resident of Raccoon City and was a telemarketer. He was married to a woman named Flora.

During the T-virus outbreak he escaped his office building, which was besieged by Zomboids, and hid in a church. He was armed with a large .44 revolver which he found on a dead drug dealer. The church's minister, the only other man there, allowed him to stay but reminded him often that it was his church.

Mackenzie paid no attention to that and referred to the church as his hiding place. He did not talk to the minister often because the minister was often in a back room. Angus did not know that he was actually giving dead bodies to his zombified sister. Soon after, he was confronted by a gang of Lickers and was killed.


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