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Compuestos del Virus-A

The Animality Virus, also known as the A-Virus, is a genus of the Progenitor virus that was engineered as a bioweapon by a research team led by former CIA agent Glenn Arias.[1] The A-Virus causes a disease similar to that of the t-Virus, which causes Cannibal Disease. Infected humans, referred to as "Zombies," experience violent tendencies, increased hunger leading to cannibalism, and a deterioration of cognitive function. What sets this viral disease apart from many other Progenitor-derived strains is the slower rate of cognitive deterioration, resulting in Zombies capable of a degree of speech and coordination. It also seemed to grant those infected with it a degree of enhanced physical attributes like strength, speed, and durability. Additionally, the virus is highly flammable, a trait it appears to pass on to those infected with it.



The exact start date of the viral research project is presently unknown, though it is likely that it took place after the downfall of Tricell. What is known is that the project was led by Glenn Arias, a former CIA agent who, after gaining influence in the bio-weapons black market, decided to turn traitor and start his own business. After a drone strike meant to kill him failed and killed his partner Sarah Arias planned to trigger a massive biohazard attack in the United States as revenge. During the research, Arias made a deal with the Spanish terrorist group Los Iluminados, who provided a Plaga sample for testing. By selecting the genes responsible for the parasite's control over the nervous system, Arias' team was able to create a modified t-Virus that would mutate hosts into social creatures similar to Ganados, while still outwardly behaving like the Zombie victims of Cannibal Disease. Three strains were ultimately created to create a reliable weapon: the standard Type I strain, which would be dormant until triggered by Type II infection, and a Type III strain that would mutate the host to possess the Plaga genes but not show Zombie effects, thus preventing its user from becoming prey to the mutants created by the other two strains.

After developing these viruses, the A-Virus' Latent strain was dispersed into The Great Lakes by Glenn Arias due to the number of bottling refineries that distributed its water supplies across America. To further ensure that the Latent strain was thoroughly spread, Arias created a dummy company, A-GUA Industries, Ltd. as a front to further distribute contaminated water. This plan would have remained secret were it not for several rare instances of the Type 1 strain spontaneously activating without the trigger causing unprecedented mutations around parts of Canada and the USA, which brought the virus to the attention of the B.S.A.A.

The first large-scale intentional outbreak of the A-Virus was conducted by Glenn Arias by releasing the airborne Trigger strain upon New York City via Agua-labelled gas tankers that drove to specific marks throughout the city for maximum saturation. Although the plan initially succeeded, the dispersal operation was soon halted by the B.S.A.A with the assistance of their elite Silver Dagger counter-terrorism unit and the DSO. Glenn Arias was killed shortly after he mutated into a monstrosity reminiscent of the Tyrant B.O.W.s atop his secret hideout, preventing any further planned outbreaks of the A-Virus. The BSAA quickly dispersed the Vaccine strain over New York City via helicopters and presumably issued proper vaccinations to affected areas across the world. With a vaccine developed to combat the A-Virus infection, it was rendered useless as a bioweapon on the black market, as stated by Rebecca Chambers.


The A-Virus strains are regarded as Group VI retroviruses in the Baltimore classification and replicate by inserting positive-sense single-strand RNA into a cell, along with the enzymes Reverse Transcriptase and Retroviral Integrase. The RT enzyme, which is not found in animal cells, will then transcribe negative-sense single-strand DNA using the invasive RNA as a template. Using the cell's own RNA replicase, the viral DNA strand will create its positive-sense counterpart, resulting in double-stranded DNA. The RI will then break down the "3 prime" end of the strand, as well as the cell's own DNA, so they can be attached. The result is a cell with mutant DNA that is now programmed to create the original viral RNA, as well as the necessary enzymes and the capsid protein to protect this genetic material.

The third strain is Type III, engineered as a means of preventing or reversing the violent and cannibalistic impulses typical of Zombies. As Type I and Type III both insert Plaga DNA into the human genome, Zombies will ignore Type III mutants.


A vaccine for the A-Virus was developed at the Alexander University Institute by Dr. Rebecca Chambers, with assistance from her fellow researcher Aaron. At the time, this vaccine was only a prototype, and although it provided Chambers with resistance to the virus, it did not protect her against attacks from zombies created by the first two strains. Furthermore, the antibodies generated by the cure were later extracted from Chambers' blood by Arias, who used them to make a more virulent strain that was immune to her cure but could no longer be air dispersed.

When Rebecca refused Arias' deranged marriage proposal due to her resemblance to his dead wife, Arias injected her with the mutant strain. Fortunately, agents Redfield and Kennedy were able to defeat Arias and get the cure to the virus to Rebecca before the 30 minutes needed for the mutant strain to take effect had elapsed. As a result, she returned to normal.

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