Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Anna was a young girl who, in 2003, became the sole survivor of her village when it fell victim to a t-Virus outbreak and B.O.W. attack.


Anna grew up in an isolated village in the Caucasus, the adult population of which were secretly Umbrella employees entrusted with preserving the company's legacy. Her father gave her a pendant one day, commenting with it that the village was 'cursed' and that her pendant will protect her from evil.

A t-Virus-infected wolf moved into the village one day, transforming those it attacked into zombies. When Anna's mother transformed, her father hid her in the town bar to protect her while he and the others fled to the flour silo. Two days later, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine traveled into town, investigating the area after the wolf's capture. When they found the town to be infested, they too moved into the bar, where they found Anna.

Prelude to the Fall - Anna 2

Anna remembered the importance of her pendant (scanlation).

The safety of Anna persuaded Chris and Jill into considering that there might be other survivors, and they travelled over to the flour silo just outside of the village. Unfortunately, it was discovered that the barricade had the reverse effect of locking the survivors in with the infected. Everyone was either dead or transformed. Jill and Anna hid inside a refrigerator - previously the tomb of the village chief - while Chris attacked the zombies, killing them in an explosion.

The three then left for Anna's house, where they found Albert Wesker searching it for Umbrella's viral data, aware that Anna's father was entrusted with its safety. When Anna offered him her pendant, Wesker took it, believing it may contain something of interest. As he expected, the pendant changed itself into a key for a safe. He opened the safe, triggering an explosive hidden inside which destroyed the house.She escape the village along with Jill and Chris.



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